I am an Evil Sword Chapter 29 The Three Major Families Join Together

“Then, I would like to thank Patriarch Bai for helping me!” Liu Yongming said he was overjoyed.

At this time, he no longer cared about Bai Fengling’s affairs. Even if he cared about it, He is now tied to the Bai family’s chariot, protected by Bai Wuyou. He doesn’t dare to find Bai Fengling’s trouble.

He just hopes to get rid of Fu Yuanming quickly!

“If the madman is in the middle of the true origin realm, he really wants to escape. I really can’t hold him. If he is allowed to escape, it will be difficult to catch him again in the future, and it will cause our Bai Family big trouble.” Bai Wuyou pondered and said, “The madman can become a master of the True Origin Realm in a short time, and I can’t be careless. This time, not only will I take action, but I also ask the Liu and Xu Family to take action together. If the madman dares to act again, I will tell him to go and never return!”

If the three big families acted simultaneously, then Fu Yuanming was undoubtedly in the bag.

“However, Patriarch Bai, will the other two take action?”

Bai Wuyou smiled, “Don’t worry about this, haven’t you said that? Ironstone City is not only the Ironstone City Lord but also the Ironstone City of our three major families. If the madman is allowed to continue making trouble, even if there is no loss of personnel in the three major families, the business will be greatly affected. The Liu family and the Xu family will definitely be able to see it.”

“I will personally go to the door to convince them that with the terrible speed of the madman’s cultivation if they don’t get rid of him quickly and give him some time, I am afraid that our three families may not be able to defeat him, and the other two families will definitely get rid of this hidden danger.”

Fu Yuanming didn’t know the news that the three big families in Iron Stone City would deal with him jointly.

He lay in a small utility room in the city lord’s mansion.

The most dangerous place is the safest place. I am afraid that Liu Yongming and the two big gangs could not even dream of it, so he hid in the city lord’s mansion.

In the middle of the night, he sneaked all the way, bypassing the city guard’s patrols, and came to a compound in the slums of Ironstone City.

In the middle of the night, he sneaked all the way, bypassing the city guard’s patrols, and came to a compound in the slums of Ironstone City.

Fu Yuanming knew very well that the warrior not only possesses true qi, but their blood and soul were much stronger than ordinary people. Only by killing the warrior could he increase his strength faster.

Where did the warriors gather the most?

The primary residence of Iron Stone City, three major families, and two major gangs.

Fu Yuanming was possessed, and he was eager to kill in his heart. Only by killing could he immerse himself in happiness. Only when his strength was continuously improved could he feel pleasure, but being possessed does not mean being mentally retarded!

The city lord’s mansion and the three major families were definitely not the places where he was now a middle-stage warrior in the True Origin realm.

He still had to accumulate strength.

Two major gang locations were his best choice.

The strength of the Iron Wolf Gang was definitely not as good as the Xu family, which ranked last among the three big families.

The strongest strength among the gangs was probably not much different from him.

As a local gang in Ironstone City, the gang headquarters of Iron Wolf Gang was no secret at all. Even if Fu Yuanming didn’t know it, he could find out by finding a few people.

Fu Yuanming asked about the location last night.

Even in the middle of the night, there were still lights flickering in the Iron Wolves Gang. In the station, teams passed by night patrols from time to time, and gang members guarded essential places.

As usual, Fu Yuanming sneaked into the Iron Wolf Gang compound, and then repeatedly killed three patrol teams, and then dogs barked nearby.

One dog began to bark, and the other dogs followed.

Fu Yuanming heard the rapid footsteps of the Iron Wolf Gang residents.

He knew that he had been discovered.

Even if his skill was good, it was difficult to deceive the innate perception of dogs.

“Where is the seventh team?” “The sixth team is not here, either!”

“Everyone, be careful, someone sneaked in!”

“Notify the deputy leader!”


Now that he had been exposed, Fu Yuanming was no longer hidden.

He carried a sword and went to the noisiest place.

Along the way, the iron wolf gang’s general strength was low, and most of them only had cyclone realm, and because of their lack of teamwork training, the overall strength was less than half of the strength of the city guards at the same level!

Like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, it kills the ordinary gang of Iron Wolf Gang.

Under the Qi Ocean realm, all of them were not Fu Yuanming opponents!

This is why Patriarch Bai was afraid that he could not kill Fu Yuanming in one fell swoop.

No matter which family, it would not easily provoke single tough fighters. Once provoked, almost all of them will try their best to kill each other. And they were afraid to retaliate against the rest of the family after the other party got away.

Corpses were lying on the ground, and countless heads were rolling. Perhaps because of the long-term execution, Fu Yuanming preferred to behead the opponent when fighting.

His eyes turned red during the killing, and his body was covered with a light red murderous intent, like an evil ghost from the underworld.

His eyes turned red during the killing, and his body was covered with a light red murderous intent, like a ghost from the underworld.

“You are no match for him. Get out of the way and let me meet him!”

The Iron Wolf gang gave way one after another, and a burly middle-aged man walked out carrying a broadsword.

“Deputy leader!”

Someone shouted.

Zhou Chengzhi, the deputy leader of the Iron Wolf Gang, stared at Fu Yuanming sullenly and asked, “We Iron Wolf Gang asked ourselves that we didn’t offend your Excellency. Why did you repeatedly target us?”

Fu Yuanming’s identity was not a secret in the entire Ironstone City.

Although Iron Stone City hated many of the Iron Wolves, Fu Yuanming was not included.

Because the Iron Wolf Gang was still cautious, it usually won’t provoke the city guards, including those with official positions like Fu Yuanming.

Fu Yuanming didn’t answer but rushed up with his sword.

He looked at the deputy leader of the Iron Wolf Gang as if he were looking at prey.

He knew that the other party was likely to be the master of the True Origin.

Zhou Chengzhi saw that Fu Yuanming said nothing and started playing directly. He scolded in his heart, “Damn madman!”

The whole of Iron Stone City said that Fu Yuanming was crazy. Zhou Chengzhi had some doubts before, but now he was convinced.

There was always a reason to kill, even if it was only not pleasing to the eye!

Fu Yuanming didn’t need a reason!

He killed every man he saw!

As soon as they fought, Fu Yuanming’s blood-red eyes lit up-the early stage of the True Origin Realm!

“Strong Wind Drill!”

Fu Yuanming’s sword stabbed each other’s chest with a whirlwind.

“High Winds kill.”

Fu Yuanming successively attacked Zhou Chengzhi with more than ten sword beams in strange directions.

“Iron Arm Guard!”

Zhou Chengzhi wielded the broadsword impenetrable, and he blocked more than ten sword attacks one by one, but he still took several steps back.

Zhou Chengzhi’s face sank; he probably knew the strength of Crazy Fu; he was not Fu Yuanming’s opponent!

“Not bad!”

Fu Yuanming and Zhou Chengzhi fought together again. Fu Yuanming’s power was like a storm, but Zhou Chengzhi could barely resist. Everyone present could see that it was only a matter of time before Zhou Chengzhi was defeated.

At this moment, a black shadow rose from the iron wolf gang, and the sword pointed directly at Fu Yuanming.

“Leader!” Fu Yuanming heard someone exclaim.

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