I am an Evil Sword Chapter 28 The Bai Family Come Into Action

For three nights in succession, Fu Yuanming killed the entire Ironstone City in panic.

As long as he is a human, he will kill wealthy businessmen, commoners, poor people, city guards, and collateral members of the three prominent families … where he passes, nothing grows.

Even if the city guards had thousands of people, it was impossible to protect all Iron Stone City.

At night, thousands of people can only be scattered everywhere in Ironstone City. When people were scattered, they gave Fu Yuanming an opportunity.

During these three days, Chen Hao watched Fu Yuanming’s strength increase crazily and watched Fu Yuanming become possessed.

He used to occasionally talk to himself with a sword in the dead of night.

But in these three days, he didn’t say a word except when he killed people.

When he is not killing, he is like a tree, and when he is killing, he is as crazy as a mental illness.

Liu Yongming was scolded to death by the city lord, and the city lord even gave an order. Within three days, if the madman could not be killed, then he would go to death.

Liu Yongming hated Fu Yuanming to death, but he couldn’t catch the madman.

What is more worrying was that the madman was getting stronger and stronger!

Many people have been convinced that Fu Yuanming practiced the extremely advanced evil way, and only the practitioners who practiced the evil way could improve their strength so fast.

The city guard’s deputy commander at the early stage of the True Origin Realm was slashed by the lunatic yesterday. Instead, Liu Yongming would secretly celebrate with wine, but now… he was almost unable to protect himself!

Blame that damn blood wolf!

He couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

Isn’t it good to be anonymous after a good fake death? Why do you want to mess with that madman?

When Liu Yongming was about to leave the city lord’s mansion, he saw a row of carriages pulling full cargo out of the city. He recognized the sign on the carriage. This was the carriages of the Baishi Chamber of Commerce.

“Is this the team of Baishi Chamber of Commerce?” A passerby asked, “Are they moving?”

“It must be; everything is packed; this is the third caravan out of the city today!”

“I heard that the Chen family who opened several pawn shops in the city also moved away yesterday.”

“My cousin’s family also went to the countryside to avoid disasters this morning.”

“Or I will go home to pack my bags and go back to my hometown for a while.”


Fu Yuanming killed one after another, and the city guards were powerless. The whole carriages fell into a panic.

Some wealthy families simply moved their families, and some commerce chambers began to leave because of safety issues.

Liu Yongming knew that if Fu Yuanming continued to be rampant, the entire Ironstone City would be significantly injured, and even the lord of the city would not be able to bear such a loss.

He hesitated, and finally made up his mind and walked to the Bai family residence.

Their Bai family caused the matter, so their Bai family must be responsible.

Bai Wuyou is about fifty years old, with a cultivation base in the late True Origin Realm, and one of the best masters in Ironstone City. He was well maintained and looked like a middle-aged man in his thirties.

He had a short beard, ruddy face, elegant temperament, always with a smile on his face, giving the first impression that he was a good man!

If Liu Yongming didn’t know Bai Wuyou and the dirty things in his son’s back, I’m afraid he would really think he was a good man!

Liu Yongming came straight to the point and said, “The Lord of the city has given me an ultimatum. The madman must be solved within three days. Your Bai Family must take action!”

Even if Fu Yuanming was killed in Ironstone City, it even affected the three major families’ collateral members. But the people of the three major families still did not take action but took the collateral members who lived in Ironstone City to the direct family residence temporarily.

Otherwise, Fu Yuanming wouldn’t be so unscrupulous.

“Also, Bai Fengling, don’t sneak behind the screen; I can smell the smell of you from so far away!”

“Liu Yongming, your mouth still smells so bad!” Bai Fengling said with a displeased face. Walked out behind the screen and said, “Also, catching that lunatic is your city guard’s business. What’s our Bai family’s business?”

“You are not ashamed to say that when I said to your father, I will not expose your business. To help you create the illusion of fake death, your Bai family has formed an alliance with me, and your Bai family supported me as the leader. After you fake your death, you are not allowed to appear as a blood wolf. As a result, you are going to provoke that lunatic!” Liu Yongming gritted his teeth. “The result is good. I didn’t kill them, and they drove them crazy, leaving me such a mess!”

“Who knows that the man hides its strength and is so shameless” Bai Wuyou regrets, but Still bluntly, “The most important thing is that your city guards are incompetent; you can’t even catch a lunatic!”

“He practiced in a terrible evil way. Yesterday, the deputy commander Jian Qingping died by his sword. It was the news that I ordered the blockade!”

“What, you can’t even beat the qi ocean realm, and that kind of man can also be the leader?” Bai Fengling said cynically.

In the beginning, the dark cloud village he worked so hard to establish was destroyed by Liu Yongming, and Bai Fengling could not have a good face for Liu Yongming.

“Qi Ocean?” Liu Yongming was almost annoyed by Bai Fengling’s ignorance. He couldn’t care about his carefree face and shouted at Bai Fengling. “Jian Qingping, like me, is a master at the beginning of the true Origin realm!”

“True Origin master? How is it possible? ” Bai Fengling said in surprise, “Isn’t that madman in the Qi Ocean?”

“How could he be in the Qi Ocean realm? In actual combat, even I am not an opponent of Jian Qingping. Even if it is a master’s in the middle of the True Origin, it is not easy to kill Jian Qingping. That is to say. The madman has the strength in the middle of the True Origin, and even I am not his opponent! “

“Impossible, this is only a few days; he jumped from the Qi Ocean to the middle of the True Origin?”

“That’s the truth!” Liu Yongming turned his gaze to Bai Wuyou, “Patriarch Bai, what do you say? That Fu Yuanming has been wholly possessed. I was afraid of the murderous look when he killed people, and it became stronger and stronger. Since the death of Jian Qingping yesterday, the morale of the city guard has fallen inappropriately. I don’t know if the city guard will turn away and run when the madman appears in front of the city guard next time. Anyway, now you can’t count on getting rid of that madman! “

“Patriarch Bai now the entire Ironstone City is panicked, and many chambers of commerce have moved away. The Ironstone City is not only the Ironstone City of our city guard, but also the Ironstone City of your Bai family, and you can let it go. The lunatic continued to kill, and at that time, even if you take the shot yourself, I’m afraid you won’t be able to restrain him.”

Bai Wuyou didn’t expect that a small waste person could cause so many things.

If the madman were allowed to continue like this, even if the Bai family is not dead, the Bai family’s business would suffer heavy losses.

“Indeed, this can’t go on; I will take action!”

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