I am an Evil Sword Chapter 27 There Is No Way Out

How should Fu Yuanming choose?

Iron Stone City was not big. The city guards plus two big gangs, maybe three prominent families, black and white, searched together; Fu Yuanming had nowhere to hide; it was only a matter of time before being found out.

He had been cornered.

The Iron and Stone City is not big, the city guards plus two big gangs, maybe three big families, black and white search together, Fu Yuanming has nowhere to hide

Just like his previous hosts.

Speaking of it, he was initially a quiet little guy, with his own wife and children, and seriously managed his own pork shop … Even if he was a part-time executioner, it can’t change the fact that he was an executioner.

Fu Yuanming lowered his head as if making an extremely difficult decision.

His eyes gradually turned red, and even his body slowly enveloped in a pale red halo.

When Fu Yuanming kills, the skill of “Shaqi Aura” in the Magic Sword will be stimulated, and the murderous look condensed in his body will spread without reservation.

He had nothing left, and now there was no way out.

Rabbits would bite when they were anxious, let alone people.

Even if Bai Fu was wrapped in the quilt, he still felt a deep chill!

Fu Yuanming raised his head, a pair of scarlet eyes staring at Bai Fu.

Bai Fu is not the first time to see this kind of endless despair and crazy eyes. A father once asked him to give him some food on credit to save his daughter. He simply refused. After all, he was a businessman, not a good church.

At that time, the father had the same look, but Bai Fu’s men killed him!

However, Fu Yuanming’s eyes were different.

He swore that in Fu Yuanming’s eyes, he saw death and felt endless fear!

Because the owner of these eyes has the power to kill him!

“Uncle Fu, please let me go. I don’t want to die. I will never talk nonsense about you. I can still provide you with information…”


Bai Fu can swear that this was the happiest thing he had heard in his life.

“In the next life!”


Anyone who had seen Fu Yuanming’s execution knows that Fu Yuanming’s sword was very stable and will never splash a drop of blood on his body.

Anyone who had been beheaded by Fu Yuanming knows that Fu Yuanming’s sword was swift. As long as he wanted to, you won’t feel a bit of pain.

When the head fell, Bai Fu’s expression was not hideous, just a little dazed.

The Baifu family’s guards encountered an unprecedented crisis. Still, they were all mediocre people, just like Fu Yuanming, who had not obtained the magic sword, no miracle happened, and they were quickly beheaded silently and cleanly.

They were as weak as babies in the face of the sneak attack from the top masters of the Qi Ocean realm

After killing all of the Bai family members, Fu Yuanming’s injuries almost recovered.

He leaned against the wall, gently wiped the sword, and murmured, “Long sword, if it were just you and me!”

“Xiao Yun is dead, and Qingrong is dead. Sometimes, I want to let them go!”

“I can think of the blood wolf, and Liu Yongming is still alive; I can’t swallow this breath!”

“I know that the blood wolf must have a backing and a background in Ironstone City, but I don’t know who it is.

“Liu Yongming mostly wanted to keep his position and planted everything on me. Maybe he still has contact with the blood wolf!”

“The Patriarch of the Bai family is also suspicious. I don’t believe that blood wolf will deceive two smart people in Ironstone City…”

“But I don’t have time to prove it one by one, and they don’t give me a chance.”

“I don’t want to leave Ironstone City. I grew up here. My ancestors have lived here for generations. I feel a little bit reluctant. Even if I die, I will die here.”

“I don’t like being treated as a chess piece, let alone being treated like an ant!”

“I don’t like being treated as a chess piece, let alone being treated like an ant!”

“Even if I die, I must make my opponent pay a painful price!”

“Long sword, I know you like blood, I promise, I will satisfy you, please help me!”

That night, the demon sword was full of blood.

The next day, none of the shops on Changxing Street opened.

Someone knocked on the Baifu’s grain shop. The door was open. When he opened the door, he saw a headless body lying on the ground. He was so scared that he quickly reported to the city guard.

The city guards arrived soon. After inspecting the corpses in the grain store, they preliminarily determined that the perpetrator was Fu Yuanming, the most wanted executioner. Soon they came to the Bai family’s house behind the grain store and found that all the Bai Fu family had different places, including Bai Fu’s guard.

Not only that, after they checked all the corpses, when they planned to inquire about the situation of the Baifu’s neighbors last night, they quickly discovered something was wrong, and the Baifu’s neighbors were gone.

A killer, the city that was not never met.

Even neighbors could be killed, which was rare!

At that time, the city guards discovered that it was late in the morning, and the whole Changxing Street didn’t open a shop. There were shops on both sides of this street before, which was relatively prosperous!

The Baifu family was wiped out. It is impossible for them not even to open the door!

Cold sweat emerged from the leader’s forehead.

“Search, search door to door!”

Soon, almost all the city guards’ eyes were filled with uncontrollable anger!

All the people in Changxing Street were dead as a doornail!

The corpses were beheaded without exception!

Most people die in bed, and only a small number of people could resist a little.

“Quick, let Leader Liu  come over!”

When Liu Yongming came, his whole face was as gloomy as a drop of water.

The murderer was obvious!

He growled with his teeth, “Fu Yuanming!”

Bad luck had been going on since he took office. He hadn’t ultimately settled the trouble caused by the idiot of Blood Wolf. Fu Yuanming jumped out to kill people at random. He had two major cases in succession, which was simply to roast him on the fire!

Yesterday, the City Lord had already scolded him; if this matter were not handled properly, he would spend countless thoughts to get the commanding position, he would not be guaranteed!

“Hurry to dispose of the body, block the news, continue to put a law at the city gate, mobilize all the city guards, and search from house to house!”

However, even if Liu Yongming tried to block the news again, the news leaked out.

The city guard is not a disciplined organization. They were all five big and three rough warriors. Among them, there were not a few mixed gangsters, and they even had the eyes of other forces

In just one day, everyone in Ironstone City knew it.

The guy killed Changxing Street with the left-handed sword.

And there were rumors that the madman had not been caught, and he would continue.

At this moment, no civilians stand on Fu Yuanming’s side again.

Because Fu Yuanming was a madman who killed people without blinking an eye.

Throughout the day, the city guards got nothing.

That evening, Crazy Fu rushed into the wealthy merchants’ residential area in the Xicheng District of Ironstone City. He killed people aimlessly. He killed people at sight. Even the city guards who came after hearing the news killed more than twenty until Liu Yongming took two deputies. The commander came over and frightened Fu Yuanming away.

Liu Yongming looked at the tragic image around him, and he ultimately went mad!

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