I am an Evil Sword Chapter 26 Unable To Come Forward

Fu Yuanming hid in a dilapidated house, sitting in a corner, his breath was panting.

Beside him, there were two bodies, which were the original owners of the house.

The scratches on Fu Yuanming’s body continued to bleed. In addition to scratches, he also got two palms of blood wolf on his back. If the city guard came later, he might not be able to hold it.

Arguably, seeking the protection of the city guards was the best way to save his  life, and he could also spread the news that the blood wolf was not dead and let the blood wolf’s plan go down the drain.

However, now he didn’t believe in the city guards, let alone Liu Yongming.

He always felt that there was something wrong with it, and he couldn’t say what was wrong with it.

Anyway, he thinks Liu Yongming was unreliable.

With careful planning to wipe out the Dark Cloud Village and kill the blood wolf, Liu Yongming must have studied the blood wolf very profoundly, and he must have fought against the blood wolf. It stood to reason that such a shrewd person was almost impossible to be fooled by the blood wolf!

Then the Patriarch of the Bai Family, Bai Wuyou, does not need to say more. His eldest son died in the hands of Blood Wolf. He had endured humiliation for many years. He was considered a top figure in Ironstone City. As a result, Blood Wolf successfully suspended his death in front of him…    

Is the blood wolf too smart?

If Blood Wolf were smarter than Liu Yongming and Bai Wuyou, the Dark Cloud Village would not be breached!

Anyway, there were many doubts between the blood wolf and Liu Yongming and Bai Wuyou. Fu Yuanming couldn’t see clearly if it was shrouded in a fog.

Therefore, he chose not to believe anyone!

He had other choices anyway.

Fu Yuanming looked at the longsword beside him. At least it definitely supported him.

The blood had solidified, and Fu Yuanming tore off his clothes with difficulty, and also tore off a few pieces of skin, which made him grinning in pain.

After killing the house’s original owner just now, Long Sword gave him a little energy, and the wound on his body began to scab.

It was a pity that there was too little energy. If there was more energy, his internal injuries could be cured.

But there was no way Fu Yuanming should not be high-profile now; he planned to hide for a while.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he circulated the “High Wind Technique” to slowly heal his injuries.

The next day, he didn’t go out all day. In the evening, he changed his torn clothes and went out carrying a long sword.

The night was the best cover. Out of the dark slum, he broke through the wall and broke into a merchant’s house selling grain. The guards in his home were in name only.

The businessman surnamed Bai, named Bai Fu was a side branch of the Bai Family in Ironstone City. He specializes in the food business for the Bai Family. Although he did not sell weapons and Dan medicine to earn much money, Bai Fu’s family also saved a lot of money after two consecutive generations of operation.

Fu Yuanming once bought food in Baifu’s grain shop. As a result, when he went back to eat, he broke his tooth and checked it a little. Boy, it was mixed with a lot of sand and pebbles …

From that day on, Fu Yuanming hated Bai Fu.

Like most ordinary people, Fu Yuanming had his wife and children. Although he hated Bai Fu, he chose not to retaliate but to submit to humiliation, and then he gradually forgot about it.

Fu Yuanming, who was very hungry today, suddenly remembered this when he passed Bai Fu’s house.

Taking the initiative to kill hundreds of people, Fu Yuanming was no longer the silent family’s executioner.

Searching into the kitchen to have a full meal, after eating and drinking, he searched Bai Fu’s bedroom.

Bai Fu was awakened by pain in his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw a black shadow standing beside his bed.

He was about to shout loudly when his mouth was blocked.

“Don’t make any noise. If you make any noise, I will kill you!” Fu Yuanming lowered his voice and said, “Do you understand?”

Bai Fu nodded desperately.


Fu Yuanming slowly let go of his hand, habitually holding the long sword.

Bai Fu did not shout.

Bai Fu was a wise man, knowing that it would not help even if he were a man.

Being able to break into his room without disturbing anyone, the opponent was definitely strong.

“Do you want money? How much, I will give it! “

“I just came to ask you something. Have you heard the news of the blood wolf recently?”

Bai Fu turned his head and found the sword held by the other party with his left hand. He asked in a low voice, “You, are you the executioner named Fu?”

“The news that the blood wolf is not dead has spread?”

Bai Fu didn’t speak, but Fu Yuanming didn’t want to wait.

“I suggest you speak honestly. I will ask other people later. If you dare to lie, I promise to let you experience the taste of thousands of pieces.”

Bai Fu scared cold sweat came out.

Fu Yuanming’s name had spread recently. As an executioner, the death of a thousand cuts was also a skill that must be mastered.

Bai Fu once saw Fu Yuanming’s execution of the death of a thousand cuts against a vicious criminal!

“Tell me, the news that the blood wolf is not dead has spread?”

Bai Fu swallowed and said with trembling: “The people in the city guard said that the blood wolf is dead.”

“Nonsense!” Fu Yuanming said angrily.

The person next to Bai Fu started to roll over, and Fu Yuanming stared at the other woman lying on the bed.

It seems to be a sign of waking up.

Bai Fu lifted the quilt and slashed the back of the woman’s neck with a knife.

Bai Fu lifted the quilt and slashed the back of the woman’s neck with a knife.

Fu Yuanming glanced at him, “Go on, and you are so smart you know what I want to ask!”

“The city guard said that because you can’t accept the killing of your wife and son by the blood wolf, you can’t bear the fear of being targeted by the blood wolf, and you are stimulated to have a mental breakdown and go crazy, killing people randomly …”

Fu Yuanming took a look.

“Am I killing people indiscriminately?”

Fu Yuanming laughed angrily.

“Yes, that’s what they said, and they also said that the left-handed murderer who appeared in the city recently is you!”

This was really not wrong

Fu Yuanming took a deep breath and asked, “What about those people who died yesterday?”

“They said that there is indeed a second master, perhaps the Iron Wolf Gang or the Black Tiger Gang. They just want to get back to you. After all, you killed so many of them, but that person is definitely not a blood wolf. After all, if that person is really a blood wolf, with the strength of the blood wolf before his death, you can’t escape, but also escape so far. Only by finding you can the truth be revealed, and you must know who the other party is!”

Although the blood wolf is “dead,” the terror was still there, and some of his deeds during his lifetime had been demonized.

“What else do you know?”

“That’s all.” Bai Fu shook his head again and again. “I don’t know much. All the people who came to buy food said that the city guards were looking for you everywhere.”

Fu Yuanming was silent.

“Do you believe it? The blood wolf is not dead! “

“Brother, I believe, I believe, I believe that the blood wolf is really not dead … but do I believe it is useful?” Bai Fu said with a sad face.

“Do you really believe it?”

“Uh…whoever has a big fist. I believe whoever!” Bai Fu watched Fu Yuanming staring at him murderously, and quickly changed the subject, “Boss, everyone who saw your opponent last night dead, there were no witnesses. As long as you don’t come forward on this matter, who dares to say that the blood wolf is not dead? Even I think that the person who chased you that night is more likely to be the master of the two gangs. After all, your hatred is too deep!”

“I come forward?” Fu Yuanming sneered, “I am now a’ madman.’ Does anyone believe what I said?”

Bai Fu was taken aback and then realized that this was a dead-end!

Fu Yuanming won’t come forward. He will be wanted by the city guard and chased by two gangs. But if he came along, he would not be believed if the blood wolf is not dead. He will still be pursued by two gangs and maybe cut down by the city guard. When Fu Yuanming killed two gang members, he didn’t miss some “innocent” passers-by.

Bai Fu was taken aback and then realized that this was a dead-end!! Left and right are dead ends.

Chen Hao, who was in the sword, felt like he was watching a wonderful suspense movie… Being mentally ill, familiar routines, and discriminate treatments.

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