I am an Evil Sword Chapter 25 He is a Madman

Who has enemies with Fu Yuanming and had the strength of the True Origin Realm. Only Blood Wolf was the only one.

Looking at the black shadow’s skillful moves, the blood-red special TRUE QI, he can be sure that the opponent was the Blood Wolf.

As for why the black shadow’s hair in front of him was black, Fu Yuanming doesn’t care. The black hair can be dyed, and the scars on his face can be faked.

Fu Yuanming’s face became heavy when he learned that the other party was the blood, Wolf. He had to admit that he was no match for the Blood Wolf.

He didn’t understand. Didn’t the blood wolf die in the hands of Liu Yongming and the Bai family?

How did the Blood Wolf trick Liu Yongming and Bai Wuyou?


Fu Yuanming shouted loudly. He spun around in a circle, the long sword spit out intense blue light, and the sharp aura spread around.

The blood wolf jumped vigorously, avoiding the light sensitively.

Fu Yuanming knew that with this move, he couldn’t face the blood wolf.

Today, however, he was not going to fight with the blood wolf recklessly.

With a sharp vigor, the four walls were cut off diagonally. Before the room collapsed and the blood wolf fell to the ground, Fu Yuanming jumped out of the window.

The entire room was rumbled and collapsed, but he didn’t look back and desperately fled to the bustling area in the middle of the city.

Even if the blood wolf is a true origin realm master, he can’t run wild in the stone city.

Fu Yuanming remembers that the blood wolf is a “dead man”!

Even if he were dead, he would spread the news that the blood wolf is not dead!

In the darkness, Fu Yuanming desperately fled, and the blood wolf chased after him.

However, even if the blood wolf was much stronger than Fu Yuanming, the gap between them had not been narrowed and maintained at about 30 to 40 meters.

“High Wind Technique” was originally a wind martial arts, which had a particular speed bonus to the martial artist. In addition, Fu Yuanming grew up nearby and almost knew where to run with his eyes closed. With his familiarity with the terrain, for a while, The blood wolf caught him at first, but now he really can’t help it.

The more the blood wolf chased, the more impatient he got, and he managed to feign death successfully. If Fu Yuanming spread the news of his death and wanted to eliminate this influence, he didn’t know what price to pay!

Damn it, how could he be the pinnacle strength of Qi Ocean Realm!

Isn’t it should be only the Qi condensation realm?

“Burst blood!”

Blood Wolf growl, he spitted out one mouthful of blood, his whole person turned into a red shadow, and his figure flashed behind Fu Yuanming instantly.

“Blood Claw!”

Four wounds appeared on Fu Yuanming’s back, and he was caught with his blood dripping.

Can’t escape!

More than a mile away!

Fu Yuanming dived into the window of a family by the side of the street.


Shouted the owner of the house. He thought it was a thief!

Fu Yuanming did not speak and jumped out from another window.

As soon as he jumped out, he took his true energy to his voice and shouted, “The blood wolf is not dead. He is chasing me, help.”

In the silent night, Fu Yuanming’s voice was like a tweeter, which travels far away.

“Dead and disabled, I will cut you to pieces!”

Blood Wolf angry shouted.

Soon, the whole neighborhood was awakened.

Fu Yuanming and the blood wolf heard that there was a slight noise in the surrounding houses, but no one came out to see the situation.

Fu Yuanming was almost overwhelmed by the blood wolf’s wrath. In order to save his life, he ran directly to the roadside house, and he delayed as long as he could.

“This is the blood wolf. He is chasing me!”

The house owner saw Fu Yuanming who was covered in scars, and the man in black who was chasing Fu Yuanming, who was covered in blood-red light, hesitated!

The hesitation made him killed by blood wolf conveniently!

If it’s just Fu Yuanming’s voice, it can still be suppressed, but if someone sees it, it will be troublesome!

Blood Wolf still didn’t want to expose his whereabouts

While the blood wolf was distracted from killing others, Fu Yuanming crashed into another family.

“He is the blood wolf. The person who was killed by the leader Liu during the day was his stand-in. Brother, hurry up and report!”

The male owner of this family was very smart and ran straight away.

But he still can’t run away from the blood wolf!

However, he bought some time for Fu Yuanming.

Blood wolf had killed with a red eye.

Then Fu Yuanming did the same thing again and broke into another family.

“Go to the city guard. You saw that the blood wolf is still alive. He killed me. He will definitely come back to kill!”


The blood wolf screamed angrily, “You shameless little prick!”

This was the first time in his life that he had seen such a shameless master of the Qi Ocean realm.

With so many people dead, things had already become big.

Soon, Fu Yuanming and the blood wolf felt the ground shake slightly, and the vibration became more and more severe, and a large number of people came running towards them.

There was only one man who could move so quickly in Iron Stone City.

Fu Yuanming desperately ran in the direction of the team.

Damn it!

The blood wolf cursed secretly to kill the ordinary people around and then disappeared into the night without looking back.

He could only hope that the other party can fix it!

The city guards were running along the road. Fu Yuanming got closer and closer to the city guards. He turned his head for the third time and found that the blood wolf was not following. He stopped, gritted his teeth, and endured the severe pain and dizziness of his body. Flashed into an alley and ran in the direction of the slum.

Liu Yongming had just taken up his post as the commander of Ironstone City today. There was a banquet in the evening. Later in the night, he heard the soldiers on patrol report that the city warriors were making trouble.

After being called up in the middle of the night, he was in a state of anger.

And he has to stand up! Because someone shouted the news that the blood wolf was not dead in the city!

You know, he just defeated his competitors and was promoted to be the leader by virtue of destroying the dark cloud village and killing the blood wolf.

He can be sure that his unwilling competitors had also got the news or that their spies were already on their way.

Once there was evidence that the blood wolf may not die, he would become a joke of the whole Iron Stone City!

Soon they found the fighting place.

There was a mess here, and there are dead bodies everywhere, but no one around comes out to watch the fun.

Everyone’s door was closed.

“Leader is the blood wolf really not dead!” The city guard who spoke was from another faction, purely adding a block to Liu Yongming.

“Nonsense, the blood wolf was killed by the Patriarch of the Bai family and me!”

“Then we received news that someone was shouting that the blood wolf was not dead and was chasing him!”

“Who said that?”

“Some brothers said that the voice is very similar to that of the executioner!”

Commander Liu narrowed his eyes and said, “Go and search the scene to find the executioner!

There was only one executioner in the entire Ironstone City!

The city guard searched all around but did not find Fu Yuanming.

In Fu Yuanming’s home, they found the scene of the first crime.

Liu Yongming looked at the wall that was cut off by the waist and whispered, “I didn’t expect this disability to be hidden deep enough, close to the strength of the True Origin Realm!”

A city guard often reported, “Leader, we have not found Fu Yuanming, nor his body. He seems to have disappeared!”

“Has anyone seen the blood wolf with their own eyes?”

“No, everyone else on the scene died, and others were too scared to go out.”

“Is it a sin?” Liu Yongming nodded, gently breathed a sigh of relief, and after thinking a little, he said, “I think I already know the truth.”

“Does the adult know?”

“Well! The blood wolf is dead. They don’t need to believe me. But you can’t help but believe in Patriarch Bai. The blood wolf is turned into ash, and the Patriarch Bai can’t admit his mistake! ” Liu Tongling continued, “Since the blood wolf is dead, the problem lies with Fu Yuanming!”


Liu Yongming pointed to the sword mark on the wall and said, “Fu Yuanming is very hidden. His disguise deceived us. He is at least a master at the peak of the Qi Ocean realm.”

“Because Fu Yuanming’s wife and children were killed, my heart was guilty. Not long ago, I asked Xiaohai about his current situation. I asked Xiao Hai about his current situation. Xiao Hai told me that Fu Yuanming’s spirit seemed to be a problem … Today, he told him the news of the death of the blood wolf, and he did not believe it … It is very likely that after the blood wolf killed his wife and children, he went crazy. I killed the blood wolf, and he did not believe in the fact that the blood wolf was dead … before making such a crazy move!”

“If I didn’t expect it to be wrong, the left-handed sword master who killed hundreds of people in the city recently is him!”

“Tell the brothers to be careful; this person is very dangerous!”

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