I am an Evil Sword Chapter 24 Killed The Wrong Person

When Fu Yuanming heard the news, his first reaction was that the news was false!

But when everyone in the street said so, he wavered.

The young city guard who often came to inform him to go to the execution ground reappeared.

“Brother Fu, *Commander Liu asked me to tell you that he has slaughtered the blood wolf, so you can rest assured!”

If the blood wolf is really dead, what’s the point of what he has done?

He couldn’t sleep at night. He killed so many people. He worked so hard and went crazy. He thought he could almost face his enemy. Suddenly someone told him that his enemy had been killed! Although he hated Liu Yongming, the blood wolf was the enemy he wanted to kill most.

After all, the blood wolf killed the man!

….. Fu Yuanming was a little confused.

“Did the blood wolf really be killed by Commander Liu?” Fu Yuanming didn’t believe that the blood wolf died as simple as that.

“Of course, it was killed by Commander Liu.” The young city guard was obviously in a good mood. He continued, “Last night, one of us found the trail of the blood wolf, we immediately reported it to Commander Liu, who took our city guard to surround the hiding place of blood wolves!”

“Commander Liu’s strength should not be as good as the blood wolf?” Fu Yuanming asked in a low voice.

Although Commander Liu is also a True Origin realm master, his strength should be inferior to that of the blood wolf. It is said that when attacking the Dark Cloud (Heiyun) village, Commander Liu not only invited another true origin master to help him but also used the army crossbow.

Even if the city guards are numerous and powerful, if the blood wolf wants to escape, Liu Yongming will definitely not be able to stop him.

“You don’t know this. The hiding place of the blood wolf is very close to the Xu family. While besieging the blood wolf, Commander Liu took people to invite the Patriarch of the Bai family to take action!” Fu Yuanming understood it.

As the top master of Iron Stone City, Bai Wuyou, the head of the Bai family, was at least in the late True Origin Realm. If he joined forces with Liu Yongming and the city guards assisted him, it was entirely possible to triumph over the blood wolf.

But he still couldn’t believe it.

“The Patriarch of the Bai Family also gives Commander Liu a face??”

“The Patriarch of the Bai Family has a big feud with the blood wolf!” The city guard said with a smile.

 “What kind of hatred?”

The city guard looked around, and no one noticed, then some mysterious lowered his voice and said, and then said in a mysteriously low voice, “The eldest son of the Patriarch Bai family died in the hands of the blood wolf, you told this hatred is big enough!”

“Why don’t I know?”

The Bai family is one of the three major families in Ironstone City. The heir of the Bai family was killed. Even if Fu Yuanming had no friends, he couldn’t even hear about such a big thing.

“Of course, you don’t know. I only heard about it yesterday. I heard that Bai Fengling, the white house owner’s son, had enemies outside at the time and wanted to go back to his hometown to escape. He happened to meet a blood wolf on the road and was killed.” The young city guard said vividly, “I heard that Bai Fengling died miserably, and even the body was incomplete or did Bai Wuling confirm it by blood?”

“TThe blood wolf killed the son of the Patriarch of the Bai Family, and still the Bai Family let the blood wolf escape for so long?”

“Do you think the Dark Cloud Village is a soft persimmon?” The city guard said proudly, “If it weren’t for our commander Liu’s magical calculations, the use of soldiers like gods, and extensive communication, how could Heiyun Village be broken? If the Bai family dared to go directly to the Black Cloud Village, even if they win, I am afraid Ironstone City will become two big families!”

“It’s for the prosperity of the family; they give up hatred, for the time being, so bear the burden of humiliation” The city guard smiled proudly, “But yesterday, the Blood Wolf was in trouble. When he hid in Iron Stone City and was discovered, Patriarch Bai did not hesitate to take action. The Blood Wolf deserved it!”

“By the way, Commander Liu also asked me to tell you something. He said that your family was implicated, and he was at fault. He owes you a favor. If you need anything in Iron Stone City in the future, you can directly find him. He will never postpone it.” The young city guard said enviously, “It’s almost settled for Commander Liu to be promoted to be the leader. With Commander Liu’s favor, you can almost walk sideways in the city. Even if the three families’ householders have to give Commander Liu some face, it’s a pity that your right hand is disabled. Otherwise, as long as you join the city guard and have Commander Liu as a guarantor, you will certainly be able to make a great success!”

Fu Yuanming looked down and said nothing.

“This money is given to you by Commander Liu so that you can have another wife and give birth to a few big fat boys to inherit your Fu family.”

Seeing that Fu Yuanming’s face is still ugly, the city guard just said, ” Commander Liu has tried his best to compensate you. Now, Brother Fu, don’t be dissatisfied. Take the money, and I will go back to my life.”

After he said that, he put the money bag into Fu Yuanming’s hand and left.

Fu Yuanming casually threw the bulging purse to the corner of the room and hurried out, holding the long sword.

At the east gate of Ironstone City, the blood wolf’s body was hung on the high wall.

At the foot of the city wall, many people were watching the excitement.

Squeezed into the front row, even at a distance of tens of meters, he could clearly see the blood wolf body.

He also saw the murderer of his wife and son for the first time.

Like most warriors on the mainland, the blood wolf is burly, covered in hideous wounds, blood-soaked through the ragged clothes, and turned dark black after solidification.

His hair was messy like a chicken coop, but his hair was eye-catching, red as if stained with blood

His face turned blue, and there was a ferocious old scar, just like what was rumored.

His hands drooped; naturally, his palms were broad, his joints were thick, and his palms were covered with calluses.

It is said that the Blood Wolf cultivates the magic way, and his swordsmanship was average, but his palm and grasping skills were superb. He liked to tear people into several pieces.

“This is the body of the blood wolf?” Someone in the crowd whispered.

“That’s still fake? Commander Liu and Bai Family Patriarch have personally confirmed it!”

“He doesn’t seem to be terrifying!”

“That’s because the blood wolf is dead. If he is alive, he can scare you to pee your pants when he stares at you!”

“How is it possible? My courage is great!”


Since Commander Liu and the Patriarch of the Bai family have personally confirmed, there can be no fakes.

Fu Yuanming came home, sitting on the bed, and said to the sword, “Liu Yongming killed the blood wolf. Why do I feel like I’m dreaming?” How can a blood wolf die? How can you die so easily? “

“Long sword, do you think the blood wolf hanging on the gate of the city is fake?”

Chen Hao looked at Fu Yuanming in a daze. The other side clearly knew that he could not communicate with him!

What should he say?

“Impossible, impossible, the blood wolf can’t die so easily. He was hidden in Iron Stone City for so many days and hasn’t been discovered by the city guard. He must have a backer in Iron Stone City. It doesn’t make sense he just simply died … Commander Liu annihilated the Dark Cloud village, and it doesn’t make sense to lie. The Bai family has a great hatred for the blood wolf, so it is impossible to maintain it. Both of them must know the blood wolf, and it is impossible to mistake one for another!”

“So, blood Wolf is really dead? With what? “

“Why? Why? Why? “

Fu Yuanming knelt on the ground, pulled his hair, and hit the ground with his head.

Only pain can reduce deep pain!

“Bang bang!”

“Bang bang!”


When Fu Yuanming woke up from the bed, it was already midnight, he touched his forehead, and the wound was crusted.

He was very awake, lying on the bed but didn’t want to move, as if he had lost his soul.

The whole city WAs tranquil, and occasionally a few dogs could be heard barking.

After midnight, he heard a very slight sound of breath outside the window.

The strength of the incoming person is powerful and should be above him. If it weren’t for the recent increase in strength, he would not be aware of it.

Fu Yuanming opened his eyes and held the long sword in his left hand.

“Hua,” the window was abruptly opened, and a black shadow shot at Fu Yuanming like an arrow.

However, Fu Yuan was prepared early, and he dodged to avoid the blood shadow attack.

The black shadow stood on the bed, his palm glowing blood-red in the darkness.

He stared at Fu Yuanming, who was standing in the corner with a sword and said, “I didn’t expect you to escape. You are not as useless as you appear!”

The shadow voice was hoarse. His tone was full of disdain and ridicule.

“However, you are still dead today!”

Fu Yuanming felt intense pressure from the other party. At least the opponent really had the strength of the True Origin realm. For Fu Yuanming ten days ago, he was really dead!

“You … you are a blood wolf?” He asked with some uncertainty.

“Blood Wolf? How can I be a blood wolf? The blood wolf is dead, and the body is hanging on the city gate. Everyone in Ironstone City knows it!” The black shadow said sarcastically, “It is Liu Yongming who killed the blood wolf, the great hero of Ironstone City, and the new leader of the city guard.”

“Hahaha …..” the shadow exaggeratedly laughed, “so, I’m not a blood wolf! Brother, you have mistaken me! “

Did you admit your mistake?

Fu Yuanming doesn’t think so.

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