I am an Evil Sword Chapter 23 For a Greater Good

In the middle of the night, Fu Yuanming went out with a bag and a sword.

After walking around the alley for half an hour and repeatedly confirming that no one was following him, he was confused.

He was now a master of the mid-stage Qi Ocean realm, even if it was a master of the True Origin Realm wanted to track him quietly when he was so alert and tempted repeatedly, which was almost impossible.

Fu Yuanming guessed that the biggest possibility of this trip in the middle of the night was that he was sent by the city guards to monitor his master and stopped him not to run around at will!

It doesn’t matter if the blood wolf. He didn’t watch guard at him every day.

Fu Yuanming felt something strange, and Liu Tongling didn’t make sense to give up watching him.

The blood wolf killed his wife and son, making no sense to let him be the executioner. Although the blood wolf may have caught the city guard’s intention, it was also a clue, wasn’t it?

Was he completely abandoned?

A sense of urgency struck him.

He changed into a long-sleeved night suit in a hidden corner and put on a wooden artificial limb. He also pulled the artificial limb from his right arm, and the artificial limb was firmly installed. After being masked, he came to the entrance of Changle Gambling House.

Seeing his furtive appearance, Chen Hao knew what he wanted to do.

Speaking of Changle Gambling House, it is entirely predestined friends with Chen Hao; Iron Wolf opened the gambling house.

Fu Yuanming took a deep breath and rushed directly to the door of Changle Gambling House. The two iron wolf guards at the gate couldn’t respond completely. It was just a sword, and a red line appeared on the two guards’ necks at the same time.

As a bystander, Chen Hao greatly appreciates Fu Yuanming’s simple swordsmanship.

His sword talent turned out to be good, coupled with the continuous killing practice in the last three years and the increase in the sword’s understanding. Fu Yuanming’s swordsmanship was absolutely top among the warriors of the same level!

When two blood columns went up into the sky, Fu Yuanming had entered the gambling house cleanly.

The gambling hall was brightly lit, crowded with people, all kinds of noises were endless, and it was very lively.

As soon as he stepped into the gambling house, someone noticed someone wearing nightclothes, with his face covered and a long sword in his left hand.

It was not like he was here to gamble.

“Who are you?” To keep order in the gambling house, the guards came running and asked.

It was the sword that answered him.

“Kill people!”

Someone shouted.

In an instant, the gambling house, which was just noisy, was quiet.

Fu Yuanming didn’t speak, directly toward the iron wolf with weapons to kill.

He didn’t want to talk nonsense. He just came to kill people.

 Fu Yuanming, as a master of Qi Ocean realm, the ordinary iron wolf gang was like a lamb to be slaughtered in front of him, without any resistance.

Blood flowed out, and every life fell under his feet. Thick energy was transmitted into his body through a sword, which made him indulged in such pleasure.

If his family were still there, maybe he would try his best to suppress that fascinating desire.

But now, he was alone!

Fu Yuanming didn’t use any martial arts, just relying on powerful strength and superb and simple basic swordsmanship to carry out the extremely efficient killing

He didn’t know when. His body was covered with a faint blood-red mist, and no one saw him. As long as his willpower was not strong enough, his heart would give birth to a kind of despair and fear.

Some gamblers were scared to shit when he only glanced at them.

Even the Iron Wolf Gang’s gangs were not much better. Many young people dare not resist at all, and some even run away directly, wanting to stay away from the demon in front of them.

Chen Hao knows that this was the formation of the “Aura of Death” (*prev. Shaqi Aura) of the Magic Sword skill!

Murderous aura has condensed the essential rudiment.

Soon, he noticed that the white-eyed part of Fu Yuanming’s eyes was dyed red, and that crazy look in his eyes… it seemed like he was going to be enchanted!be possessed!

“Who dares to be presumptuous in the territory of our iron wolf gang?”

Someone on the second floor of the gambling house poked his head and shouted.

Then, a head fell from the second floor.

The Iron Wolf Gang on the first floor was wiped out in a short period of time, and Fu Yuanming jumped onto the second floor with one jump.

On the first floor, only the civilians at the bottom were received, while on the second floor, there were VIP rooms.

When he was slaughtered on the first floor, he did not even meet a Qi Condensation master. As soon as he got to the second floor, Fu Yuanming confronted three of them.

He was delighted with this, and as a martial artist of the Qi Ocean Realm, wanted to continue to breakthrough. The more masters he killed, the faster he could breakthrough!

When Fu Yuanming cleaned up the whole Changle Gambling House, the entire gambling house was stained red with blood.

Including Brother Biao, who had a relationship with Chen Hao, died by the sword.

He was just a peak martial artist in the condensing state, and he can’t stop Fu Yuanming at all. The Iron Wolf Gang paid more attention to the Changle gambling house, and there was an old Qi Ocean realm master in the gambling house.

However, he was really an old master, aged and frail, coupled with the strength of only the initial stage of the Qi Ocean realm, and he was cut under the sword by Fu Yuanming’s “High Wind Sword Technique.”

Fu Yuanming, of course, killed not only the iron wolf gang but also a few famous guests who gambled among the distinguished guests, as well as some guards.

Fu Yuanming didn’t care!

It took less than a quarter of an hour from when he entered the gambling house to kill everyone. Before the city guards reacted, Fu Yuanming left.

In the basement, Chen Hao watched Fu Yuanming break through again and become a warrior in the late-stage of Qi Ocean Realm

“Long Sword, all the people I killed today are the ones who should be killed. The Iron Wolf Gang did everything in Iron Stone City. Not only did it open a gambling house, but countless people went bankrupt and abducted women and children!” The red color in Fu Yuanming’s eyes has faded and returned to normal. He began to speak to the sword again. “I always wanted to kill those scum before, but I am not strong enough, and I have my wife and son. Now I have no attachments. Killing them is also good for heaven!”

Chen Hao felt that Fu Yuanming said this more to himself.

Fu Yuanming should have started to be possessed. Although Chen Hao still hadn’t seen a possessed warrior, he was afraid it was similar to Fu Yuanming.

He began to enjoy killing!

Now he still makes excuses for killing, and maybe in the near future, he won’t have to make excuses to comfort himself.

For three consecutive days, Fu Yuanming went crazy against the Iron Wolf Gang and the Black Tiger Gang, and the two gangs suffered significant losses.

Five masters of the Qi Ocean realm in the two gangs died by Fu Yuanming’s sword.

At that time, there was a master warrior in Iron Stone City, and the information about the two gangs went wild.

Countless civilian merchants clapped their hands and cheered, and they all excitedly talked about the story of the left-handed swordmaster.

As long as they are ordinary people living within the boundaries of Ironstone City, they have almost always been bullied by the two big gangs.

As for why such a master targeted the two gangs so much, several versions of the story circulated.

The most prevalent version was that the parents of the left-handed master were killed by gangs when he was young. He was a child wandering the streets and met a white-bearded grandfather, who was also a master. Seeing his extraordinary talent, he was accepted as a disciple.

Now, when the child grew up, he became a strong martial artist and came back for revenge!

On the fourth night, Fu Yuanming stayed in the basement without going out.

Attacking two gangs in succession, both gangs must be alert.

Also, apart from the two or three strongholds, Fu Yuanming did not know where to find the place where gang members gathered.

After all, not long ago, he was still a proper executioner.

He had almost no friends. Apart from running a butcher shop, he went to the execution grounds, and he had not specifically inquired about the two major gangs.

Moreover, after attacking the two gangs in a row, his strength increased, and he felt that he had the power of self-preservation and revenge. He calmed down a little and found that there was no master of the city guards near his home … Is Liu Tongling really not going to hunt the blood wolf?

On the fifth day, a piece of news suddenly shocked the whole Iron Stone City, The blood wolf of Heiyun Village, who had been evil for many years, full of evil, and cruel and cunning, was killed by Liu Yongming, the deputy commander of the city guard… The corpse was hung on the gate of Ironstone City. !

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