I am an Evil Sword Chapter 22 Continuous Breakthrough

He felt it! He felt it!

A strong warm current was coming from the sword, and the intense pleasure is the same as the current, from left arm to head, from head to neck, from neck to tail.

His body could obviously feel strengthening, which was one hundred times stronger than before!

The foreign qi in his dantian was increasing, much more than before. Before the foreign qi could be absorbed, it flowed wildly in his meridians!

Fu Yuanming was tightly holding his fist, immersed in the joy of rapidly increasing strength.

Sure enough, the sword understood what he meant. The sword made a decision and supported him!

“Are you feeling well?” asked the city guard who was pressing the first prisoner with a frown.

“No, I’m very comfortable!”

Fu Yuanming picked up the sword, and the strong feeling struck again.

“Why do I think you have a problem?”

“No, I have no problem. I feel better than ever!”

This terrible guy can’t be crazy!

The city guard looked at the weird twisted smile on Fu Yuanming’s face and couldn’t help but shudder.

He found that since Fu Yuanming killed the bandits in Heiyun Village, his murderous look seemed to be stronger.

The thick made him feel scared!

The city guard swallowed and hurried back a few steps.

 He found that Fu Yuanming’s whole body seemed to be covered with a thin layer of red mist.

The city guard rubbed his eyes in disbelief and found that the red mist was gone again!

Is it an illusion?

Yes, it must be an illusion. I was scared by this madman!

After executing the prisoner, Fu Yuanming quickly left the platform, changed his clothes, and hurried home.

Although he is still walking … The speed is no different from running.

With the help of the sword, the true qi in his body is about to overflow!

Of the thirteen prisoners, ten of them were martial artists, and half of them were above Fu Yuanming.

Even if the sword didn’t absorb all the blood, soul, and true energy of the dead, even if Fu Yuanming had only divided it in half, the vast energy was enough to support him!

As he rushed home, Fu Yuanming went straight into the basement and blocked the door. He sat on the ground and ran the  “High Wind Technique”     to greedily absorb the external qi rushing through the meridians.

This time, the amount of true qi in meridians was tremendous, but it is not as pure as before, so it was almost impossible to refine and purify completely.

“High Wind Technique” does not affect purifying true foreign qi.

Absorbing this inadequately pure qi can make the strength soar in a short time, but it will affect the foundation and increase the difficulty of future breakthroughs.

But Fu Yuanming didn’t care at all; what he lacked most now was time.

As a condensing martial artist, the true qi in Fu Yuanming’s dantian has already been compressed into a liquid state and converged into a lake.

With a large number of true foreign qi continually being refined by him, the true qi was compressed into a liquid and fell to the lake like a rainstorm. The lake where the original liquid true qi gathered was getting bigger and bigger.

Chen Hao only heard a muffled sound.

An invisible aura erupted from Fu Yuanming.

In the basement, the dust and debris near him were slowly pushed away by the strength.

It seems to have broken through!

Chen Hao looked at Fu Yuanming with some envy. He could break through by absorbing so little energy, but he was envious!

However, Fu Yuanming did not open his eyes, his face flushed, sweat leaked from his head, and his body sitting on the ground began to tremble violently.

Could it be… he still wants to continue?

Chen Hao is a little uncertain.

About an hour later, Fu Yuanming slowly opened his eyes.

He stood up and muttered to himself in surprise, “I am already a warrior in the middle of the Qi Ocean realm? Not only did I breakthrough from the Qi Condensation realm to the QI Ocean realm, but I also skipped the early stage. How is this possible!”

What’s impossible!

You’re so fucking up!

Chen Hao uttered angrily.     

He suddenly discovered that the killing feedback skill is really broken, and the magic sword is specially opened for the swordmaster!

 As long as the feedback ratio increases, the swordmaster can enjoy the thrill of fighting monsters and upgrading!

Chen Hao feels a loss!

Two jumps in a row, skipping a big realm and a small realm, Fu Yuanming was excited.

He picked up the sword and used the black-level inferior martial art “High Wind Sword Art” taught to him by Chen Hao in the basement.

Even though he had only one arm, the sword dance was still impenetrable. His sword was getting faster and faster, and soon the sword will leave only the ghosting in the air.

This is the performance of the small success stage in “High Wind Sword Art”?

Jin Zhengqiu’s signature swordsmanship, Chen Hao, was too familiar!

That was, Fu Yuanming made another breakthrough in his martial arts?

“Breaking the wind and killing!”

Series of blue energy shot around with Fu Yuanming as the center, and the entire basement was covered with sword marks.

He gasped and said happily, “I didn’t expect that even the” High Wind Sword Art, “which has never made progress, has broken through. Today, even God is helping me!”

Chen Hao silently looked at the skill “Swordmaster Talent Increase.”

Let’s say that understanding and bone are divided into ten stars. Chen Hao’s sword can abruptly improve the master’s understanding and bone by two stars … Let mediocrity become excellent, let excellent become peerless, and let peerless become God!

It didn’t matter that the swordsmen didn’t have enough understanding and talent, and the cultivation progress was not high. There were the Sword Master’s amplification skills.

The swordmaster had insufficient resources, no miracle medicine, no fear, and killing feedback skills.

The sword master’s aura was not enough. He can’t shake the tiger’s body, and all the heroes will bow down. Don’t worry, and there is the evil aura!


“System, I found that I am more like a system grandfather than you are now!”

System, “Unfortunately, the host is no longer human!”

Chen Hao suddenly has an impulse to chop down the system and the swordmaster!

The system seems to be aware of the strong resentment, “if the host thinks so, only when the swordmaster is strong, can you upgrade faster. If you are not satisfied with the swordmaster, you can put them to death and open up your bad luck. As long as the swordmaster is not the son of heaven’s luck, no one can resist several rounds of bad luck!”

Fu Yuanming, who became a cultivator of the Qi Ocean realm, is still sober-minded. He was not overwhelmed. He used “The Breathing Secret Formula” to converge his breakthrough breath. He just managed the butcher shop every day and went to the execution ground to cut off other people’s heads on time.

His life seems to be no different from that when his wife and son were alive.

Only Chen Hao knows what deep hatred this lonely guy had accumulated in his heart.

That hatred was like a repressed volcano. Once it erupted, it is absolutely devastating!

The martial artist in the Qi Ocean realm was the number one master in Ironstone City.

There are very few warriors in the Qi Ocean realm who had been imprisoned on the execution platform. Fu Yuanming met two people last time. That was because Liu Tongling led the whole city to search for blood wolves and caught the unlucky ghost by the way.

If you proceed step by step, after a month, Fu Yuanming should be able to reach the late stage of the Qi-Ocean Realm. After more than three months, it was very possible to become the Qi Ocean Realm’s peak martial artist. This was already a goal that ordinary warriors can’t dream of… But Fu Yuanming thought he didn’t have so much time.

He often talked to himself about the sword, saying that the blood wolf would definitely kill him, and he could die at any time!

If he wanted revenge, he must hurry.

Hurry up and become stronger!

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