I am an Evil Sword Chapter 21 Is He Crazy

Liu Tongling broke his promise.

While Fu Yuanming was still beheading on the execution platform, the Iron Stone Martial Arts School was forced through by two men in black, and his son Fu Qingrong was beheaded by a man in black, just as he did.

His wife is even more miserable. Fu Yuanming used a sword to force three tailors to spend all night sewing the body.

Some minced meat cannot be spliced ​​at all and can only be stuffed in casually.

He didn’t cry; he didn’t get drunk. He just held the funeral silently with a sullen face.

It seems to forget hatred!

Like ordinary people, facing the misfortune of their loved ones, they still submit to humiliation.

Liu Tongling led the city guards to pay homage to his wife and son. Fu Yuanming didn’t stop him. He just bowed his head and burned paper money.

Liu Tongling didn’t say a word and took people away after the incense.

Blood Wolf was still in Ironstone City and committed another murder. The number of city guards patrolling every night doubled.

The city guards were in a small group of seven, and the evening was calm and somewhat dull.

So someone said, “Have you heard? The blood wolf killed the wife and son of the crippled executioner! “

“What then? Is that man crazy, right?”

“Not crazy, I am organizing a funeral. I went to see it with Liu Tongling. He is living well!”

“I thought the executioner was a fierce man. I didn’t expect to be so useless when his wife and child were killed!”

“Haha! What kind of killer is an executioner? He will only kill people who can’t resist! “

“Besides, how can it be called a wimp? That’s wise. Blood wolf is the top master in the true origin realm. If the executioner dares to go to trouble blood wolf, it is estimated that he will definitely die suddenly on the street one day! If your wife is gone, you can marry again. If your son is gone, you can have another one, but if you die, it will be nothing! “

“You eggless kid! If my wife and son are killed, I will try my best to tear off a piece of meat from the other person!”

“Well said, maybe you will be embarrassed when the time comes!”

Another person whispered, “Speaking of it, the executioner was also a bit wronged. He was obviously only acting on orders. I didn’t expect the blood wolf to attack his family!”

“This is tit for tat. Who made him an executioner?”

“By the way, you go to the executioner’s house with Liu Tongling, and Liu Tongling said a little? When I was at the execution ground, Liu Tongling promised that he would send some masters to secretly protect his family and catch the blood wolf by the way. “

“What can be said? Who knew blood wolf revenge would come so fast? Anyway, we are leaving the post! “

“Speaking of it, Liu Tongling did a little bit unnaturally!”

“Xiao Hu, don’t talk nonsense!”


In the first seven days, Fu Yuanming knelt in the mourning hall and burned paper money.

In the middle of the night, he pulled out the long sword hanging in the room and whispered, “Oh sword, greatsword, have you seen it? My wife and son are dead! It doesn’t matter if I die, nor is it a pity, but Qingrong doesn’t deserve to die. He is still young, more talented than me, and less than 13 years old … I really want to kill the blood wolf and kill the surname Liu, but I know that I am not strong enough. “

Fu Yuanming bit a tooth, and his gums all bit out of the blood.

He lowered his voice and continued, “I know that the blood wolf must have appeared nearby. He must have enjoyed my painful expression in the dark. The guy didn’t kill me and let me live. He definitely wanted to torture me and let me taste the pain of losing my loved ones!”

“I am not willing. I am not willing to die!”

“I know that my strength is too low, just the peak of Qi Condensation. They are all great masters in the true origin realm; they crush me to death is like crushing an ant, but I am still unwilling!”

“Just because the blood wolf doesn’t kill me now doesn’t mean he won’t kill me in the future!”

“I don’t want to die, and I want revenge, I want to kill them, I want them to know that I am not a chess piece, not a bait, not an ant!”

He whispered, “Oh, sword my sword, can you help me?”

Fu Yuanming’s voice was hoarse, his face was full of despair and madness, and his tone contained strong unwillingness and profound hatred.

Chen Hao silently looked at the killing feedback skills of the property panel.

The feedback ratio is 0.5%, and the feedback purity is 100%.

That’s right; Chen Hao was so frantic; 0.5% is too weak to be weak, which was why it took Fu Yuanming two years after he got the long sword to barely breakthrough through the late stage of Qi Condensation realm to the early stage of Qi Ocean realm.

“I know you like blood and killing. As long as you can help me and avenge me, I can give you anything. Fu Yuanming swears to God!”

Adjusting the feedback ratio to 50% and the feedback purity to 50%, Chen Hao can’t give in any more.

He had already made this point because of Fu Yuanming’s outstanding performance in the past two years.

In this way, every time Fu Yuanming kills a person, he gets more energy than Chen Hao, with the side effect of a decrease in purity.

To tell the truth, To be honest, Chen Hao didn’t want to see Fu Yuanming die.

If Fu Yuanming died, he would have to go to find another swordmaster. It will not be easy to find the next reliable swordmaster.

Fu Yuanming held the long sword like a neuropathy and said all night.

From the story of his childhood sweetheart with Yun’er (his wife), talking about their childhood fun, talking about their marriage, and then talking about their son, he was so ugly when he was born, he almost fell the child. He talked about Fu Qingrong’s name origin, speaking of the stupid things his son did when he was a child… Sometimes Fu Yuanming couldn’t help but laugh!

Chen Hao doubted whether Fu Yuanming was already crazy.

“Old Fu, you have work to do today, and you will go to the execution ground on time, you know?”

Fu Yuanming cut the pork with one knife and replied, “I know!”

His expression was a little vague, like a doll.

“You will be fine, will you?” the city guard asked in a low voice.

“No, it’s okay.”

 “Well, that’s good! It’s been seven days, and everything is over. You have to trust Leader Liu. He will definitely catch the blood wolf and avenge your family!”

“Well, I believe him!”

“That’s good!”

Walking on the street, Fu Yuanming looked like a piece of wood, his expression stiff and his eyes blank.

As soon as pedestrians approach him, they will feel a chill.

In the past seven days, the whole Iron Stone City has been under martial law. Although no blood wolf has been caught, there are other unexpected gains.

When Fu Yuanming stood on the platform, he looked at a row of prisoners on his knees with a blank expression.

After the officials announced the charges of thirteen prisoners, he began to execute.

When he killed the first prisoner, the sword in his hand suddenly fell to the ground.

The blood on the sword splashed on his trouser legs!

For the first time in two years, Fu Yuanming didn’t hold a steady sword.

For the first time in two years, blood splashed on him.

The city guards who helped him hold the prisoner also looked at him in surprise on the execution platform.

 Some people shook their heads; some laughed!                

Fu Yuanming bent down, picked up the sword; a grinning crazy smile appeared on his face!

He felt it; he felt it!

*Ironstone city (Tieshi City)

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