I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 20 Act As Bait

“You just wait. The big master will definitely avenge me!” Xu Chenghai, the head of the third house in Heiyun Village, shouted loudly before he died.

Then he was killed by Fu Yuanming’s sword.

Fu Yuanming’s sword was very stable and was not disturbed by the cursing and applause of the civilians around him.

Fu Yuanming’s sword soon came, a bloodline appeared on Xu Chenghai’s neck, then the thin line split, and his head fell into a small pit.

The third masters of the Heiyun village near Tieshi City ended their sinful life.

Ten times in a row, Fu Yuanming was as stable as machinery.

This was the skill he has worked out for more than three years.

After beheading ten heads, he collected his sword and waited for the city guard to bring up the prisoners’ next batch.

Looking around the crowd, he didn’t know whether the master of Heiyun Village was mixed in the crowd.

He hoped and hoped that the big master could impulsively stand up and throw a mess in the court.

Unfortunately, Fu Yuanming was destined to be disappointed. He hacked and killed fifty thieves in succession and still did not see the shadow of the blood wolf.

There are three mountain thieves, and the rest are family members of mountain thieves.

After all, with the Heiyunzhai mountain thief’s aggressive style, it is slightly more difficult to be caught alive.

In the prisoner wagon, a young woman covered her little daughter’s eyes tightly.

Looking at a pair of mother and son, two white-haired old men and three women in their 40 s and 50 s … The city guards separated their mother and son and pressed them on the execution platform.

Fu Yuanming held the sword in his left hand, a steady sword followed by a sword.

In the past three years, he had not experienced such a thing.

He had already positioned himself. As an executioner, he was just a tool.

He had been numb and turned a deaf ear to the cries, begging for mercy, curses, and threats of the prisoners.

If the prisoner struggled too hard, the city guards would help.

The people who had been excited and cheering before were no longer enthusiastic, and they began to keep silent.

Surging blood overflowed the groove, dyed the platform red, and then flowed to the crowd along with the platform.

The crowd began to retreat, as if afraid of the blood staining the soles of shoes.

The old woman whose eyes were cut and decapitated just now did not know when she had left the field. Some people went pale and secretly left the area. Some people stood at the outermost edge of the crowd and began to vomit.

Even the city guards, all turned pale and sipped their mouths tightly.

Fu Yuanming was the most urgent one on the whole punishment platform, and his white jacket was still pale.

After this round, the city guards changed into a group of new people.

“Master Fu, Commander Liu ordered you not to execute them so fast!” a city guard whispered in Fu Yuanming’s ear.


“Liu Tongling means to torture more, don’t let them die so easily!”

“Are you sure the head of Heiyun Village is at the scene?” The purpose of the City Guards was clear. He just wanted to force the blood wolf out.

“I’m very sure. Not long ago, we got the news that the blood wolf had mixed into Tieshi City. Today, he was a thief in Heiyun Mountain. He didn’t have any reason to come.”

Fu Yuanming callous face dignified.

“Liu Tongling said that as long as the blood wolf appears, he will be guaranteed to come and go.” The city guard continued to say in his ear, “The leader also said that he also sent someone to protect the safety of your family.”


Fu Yuanming can’t see it anywhere. Liu Tongling not only used him as a chess piece but also used his family as bait.

He held the sword tightly and frowned, but his face was expressionless.

After a terrible slaughter on the execution ground, only twenty people were standing in the square except for the city guards.

Of the 20 people, 11 are very young. They had men and women. They wear gorgeous clothes, even with their pale faces. Their eyes are still fixed on the head hill next to the punishment.

Fu Yuanming knew several of them, who were from three families in Iron Stone City.

At that time, Fu Yuanming also had to admire the educational methods of these family forces.

Wiping the long sword clean, he sighed. The blood wolf did not appear. After all, he could endure more than expected! It’s a pretty difficult person!

Looking at Liu Tongling, who had a bad look, he still stepped forward, “Liu Tongling, I have to trouble you recently. I am afraid that the blood wolf will retaliate against my family!”

Blood Wolf, a ruthless killer, was likely to retaliate against his relatives.

Liu Tongling patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I will send a master to protect the safety of your family day and night. As long as the blood wolf dares to appear, he will be dead!”

“Thank you, Commander Liu!”

In fact, Fu Yuanming clearly hates Liu Tongling more.

If it weren’t for him, the blood wolf might not bother about an executioner.

But for the safety of his family, he really can’t offend Liu Tongling. After all, he knows that Liu Tongling wants to seize the blood wolf even more.

Hearing that the old leader of Iron Stone City had already had the idea of stepping down. Three people are eligible to become a leader. Vice-commander Liu is one of them

Even though he had been in business for several years, he was a foreign fighter, and his foundation was still shallow. If he wanted to be a leader, he must make irrefutable achievements.

As long as the blood wolf was caught, his promotion would be assured!

Presumably, he would definitely try his best for this sword.

“You go back!”

Back to the dilapidated hut, the upper sword in his hand began to radiate heat.

Anxious Fu Yuanming’s heart was filled with surprise.

He knew that the mysterious long sword would probably become stronger again!

After the long sword reached the intermediate level of a profound weapon last time, he didn’t know if it was his illusion. He found that he had a clearer mind. Some of the problems that had been bothering him with martial arts and martial arts were solved, and the speed of cultivation increased a lot.

He wondered what changes the mysterious sword would bring after today.

Today, after drinking hundreds of people’s blood, the energy reserve in the sword reached its limit again. When Chen Hao saw Fu Yuanming alone, he couldn’t help but start upgrading.

After upgrading to become a profound top-level weapon, Chen Hao glanced at the property panel and found that the luck was still bad!

The skill “Sword Master Increase” has become stronger. In the past, the sword master’s perceived value and root bone were 1 point each. Now the sword master’s perceived value and root bone are 2 points each. The increase is doubled, but for Chen Hao, it is almost useless. It is all cheaper for the swordmaster!

Then, one more skill was added, which was called “taking advantage of the hand.” The skill explanation means that when anyone gets a sword, he will feel that the sword is specially made for himself!

Weapons were varied; even if they are swords, they will have different lengths, widths, weights, and functions!

How much power you use when you move, how much energy you use, how far you should be from your opponent… These will change, so every warrior will have a period of adaptation after changing weapons.

The skill of “taking advantage of the hand” can completely ignore this adaptation period so that the swordmaster could use it smoothly when he picks up the sword for the first time, making it easier for the swordmaster to “fall in love at first sight.”

Er ….. To put it bluntly, it was still a waste of skill!

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Chen Hao decided to take a good night’s sleep and soothe his wounded soul.

After seeing the sword’s evolution, Fu Yuanming waved his sword, and it felt as if there was not much change …

He felt that the change of the sword might need to be experienced slowly to know!

After changing his clothes, Fu Yuanming went home directly.

When he walked to the door, he found that the door was left unlocked, and he smelled a familiar scent.

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