I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 19 Understanding Root Bone

Fu Yuanming’s clothes were wet with dew, and he heard a cough vaguely.

The cough was very subtle as if the master suppressed it.

Fu Yuanming looked back and looked at his home, thinking of his wife and children.

Wiping his face, he put his hands on a sword hilt inserted into the scabbard, hanging at his waist.

Drawing water from the well, pouring the wrapped herbs into the medicine stove, adding water, raising the fire, and doing all the housework very skillfully. The small cattail fan fanned the small stove mouth, watching the flames grow bigger and bigger, and he was slightly relieved.

Looking at the flames of dry wood, his heart slowly calmed down again.

Fu Qingrong said, “Dad, I go to the martial arts school!”

“Well, do you have enough money on you? Do you need me to give you some more?”

“Enough, no need?”

“Well, work hard in the martial arts school.”

“I know!”

Fu Qingrong said this sentence with a smile on his face.

Fu Yuanming knows that in recent months, relying on the “High Wind Technique,” his son’s cultivation progress had advanced by leaps and bounds, and he had reached the middle stage of cyclone territory, which was regarded as the best among his peers!

Fu Yuanming thought: Well, it seems that I have to cheer, too!

Since he broke his arm, he had lost much enthusiasm for cultivation, and there was almost no hope for him chasing after the martial arts path.

But yesterday, he got feedback from the sword, and the extinguished enthusiasm burned again.

Perhaps, relying on the mysterious sword, his right arm could grow again?

It was not impossible to regenerate a broken limb, but it was a pity that the cost was too high, which couldn’t be borne by Fu Yuanming’s small paid profession.

Now with this sword, he saw hope again.

In fact, Fu Yuanming also knew that his son was younger than him and had a talent for practicing martial arts. It may be better to give his son a mysterious sword.

But he was just thinking.

Fu Qingrong was too young, and his sword ability was too dangerous. He was afraid that his son would not be able to resist the fatal temptation and become a wicked devil.

After all, even Fu Yuanming almost went down yesterday.

Two years passed in the blink of an eye.

As an inanimate object, Chen Hao couldn’t feel aging and had almost no enemies. Because he was extremely bored, the most he did every day was sleep. Every once in awhile, he would wake up when Fu Yuanming killed people, occasionally open his eyes to see the Fu family’s situation, and then continue to sleep.

In two years, Chen Hao successfully evolved into a profound intermediate weapon, not far from its advanced weapon.

The only thing that made him unhappy was that this evolution was unlucky.

Only one skill has been added, which has little effect on him.

Skill “Sword Master Talent Increase”: increase the sword master’s potential value by 1 point and increase the sword master’s root bone value by 1 point (the potential value and root bone value are 10 points) … This skill can be called Chen Hao’s most useless skill!

Born entirely for the swordmaster!

In the past two years, Fu’s family had a good time. Fu Yuanming exchanged a dan medicine in an intermediate alchemist’s hands with the yellow-grade Wushu “Light Wind Sword Art” taught by Chen Hao. After taking the dan medicine, his wife recovered and could get out of bed and walk and do some simple housework.

Fu Qingrong, his son, was now his pride. He was only 12 years old and had reached the peak of the cyclone realm. He may break through to the qi condensation realm at any time. He planned to let his son worship in a sect before he is 13 years old.

Fu Yuanming walked for three years from the pork shop to the execution ground, and he couldn’t be familiar with it.

In two years, the hut for him to rest and change clothes had become more worn out.

Just changing his clothes, a burly general in light armor pushed through the door.

“Old Fu, Lord Duke commanded that all the bandits in Heiyun Village should be beheaded today, with a total of 356 people. You should be prepared!”

Fu Yuanming was surprised to hear that the mountain thief in Heiyun Village was the target of today’s beheading. The city guard who was responsible for informing him in the morning didn’t tell him.

“Liu Tongling, I heard that the master of Heiyun Village has escaped?”

Commander Liu, deputy commander of the guard in Tieshi City, was a master of true origin, who led troops to destroy the Dark Cloud Village.

Liu Tongling waved his hand with an unhappy face and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. We will continue to hunt after the blood wolf, and you will be responsible for the execution.”

Looking at Liu Tongling leaving, Fu Yuanming looked dignified.

Killing people, of course, he wouldn’t be afraid. He was scared of being retaliated.

Six months ago, he was assassinated, but the other party was weak, and he killed him.

Fortunately, the other party did not put the target on his wife and children. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As for disobeying the orders of the city lord mansion, to be honest, he didn’t dare. He didn’t have the strength.

Carrying a long sword, he came to the execution ground, and the execution ground had already been blocked. Looking around, there were many heads.

Mountain thieves in Heiyun Village were ruthless and committed all kinds of evils. They were notorious nearby.

He heard that the bandits in Heiyun Village were going to be beheaded today and had caused a sensation in the whole Tieshi City. After half a day’s work, a large number of people had been gathered.

If it weren’t for the guards in the nearby city to keep order, a group of civilians who watched the bustle scene would jump directly on the execution platform.

For more than three years, the lives which ended in Fu Yuanming’s hand had reached at least 500. Coupled with the addition of the help of “Evil Spirit Aura” with the Magic Sword’s skills, his whole body was filled with killing aura, and he only lost to killing a specialist.

When Fu Yuanming appeared, a group of civilians retreated to make way for him.

After all, his killing aura was enough to make people fear.

“My Lord, please stay!”

Someone in the crowd shouted Fu Yuanming.

Fu Yuanming stopped and looked at the man, who was a wrinkled old woman.

When the old woman was stared at by him, she couldn’t help but take a step back. However, she choked back her fear and pulled out a piece of cloth from her arms. She quickly unfolded the tightly packed cloth, which contained a pair of gold hairpin and gold earrings.

The old woman handed the gold hairpin and gold earrings to Fu Yuanming, “My Lord, can you not let that Xu Chenghai die so easily?”

Fu Yuanming knew the meaning of the old woman.

As an executioner, he often receives gifts, most of which were given by prisoners’ families. They hope he could provide the prisoners with a good time on the platform.

Occasionally, some people like that he could torture the prisoners hard. For example, beheading deliberately requires no effort to cut off his head after cutting a dozen knives!

In front of this old woman, there may be some scruples with Xu Chenghai, who was in charge of Heiyun Village.

If the prisoner’s family gave it, Fu Yuanming usually wouldn’t refuse, but if the prisoner’s enemy gave it…

“I’m sorry I can’t accept your things. I just follow the orders of the city government!”

Fu Yuanming left without looking back.

Maybe the runaway master in Dark Cloud Village was mixed in the crowd, and he didn’t want to do things too well.

Set foot on the platform, ten bound prisoners, had knelt on it, and the platform was a mess. The ground and prisoners were covered with rotten eggs and rotten leaves, and even stone and clods … Some city guards who maintain the order on the scene were unlucky, and these disgusting “hidden weapons also disgraced them,” but no one can be found.

Fu Yuanming was lucky that he came late and threw almost everything.

Ten prisoners were on the scaffold, and more than 300 people were locked in the paddy wagon next to them. Most of them were old, weak, women and children … All of them were the families of the mountain thieves in Dark Cloud Village.

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