I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 18 Killing Feedback

Fu Yuanming stayed in the small room next to the execution ground, holding the sword tightly, hoping that the sword would be satisfied with his recent performance and teach himself the fourth layer of “High Wind Technique.”

But he soon found that the sword began to heat up and burn, just like being heated by the fire.

What’s the matter?

Soon, he couldn’t stand the heat, so he had to put the sword on the ground.

The long sword constantly seeped out dust-like gray impurities, as if there was an invisible hammer in the void to temper and beat the long sword.

The blood drops on the sword body melted and then seemed to come back to life, clinging to the body and circling, leaving blood-red lines.

Fu Yuanming counted a little, no less, just nine blood rings!

The blade was getting brighter and brighter, and the originally dark and ordinary blade gradually turned into silvery.

The whole process lasted only about a quarter of an hour, and the sword evolved under Fu Yuanming’s astonished eyes.

After waiting for half a year, Chen Hao finally evolved. He was excited to open the property panel and wanted to know the result of evolution … After reading the property panel, he was shocked!

Because after the evolution of the sword had been improved beyond imagination.

Sword Name: None

Grade: Low-level profound sword

The tenth swordsman: Fu Yuanming

Talent: Killing the Lord


1. Bad luck (closed): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck);

2. Bad luck outbreak: The host can turn off the bad luck skill for ten days and then use a bad luck outbreak. Once the bad luck outbreak is used, the luck value of the swordmaster in one day will be reduced by 10;

3. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul;

4. Killing feedback (feedback ratio? %, feedback purity? %): While absorbing blood and soul, it can give feedback to the swordmaster simultaneously, and the host sets the feedback ratio and purity.

5. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself;

6. Evil Spirit Aura (opened): The more lives it killed, the stronger the condensed evil spirit, forming a unique Evil Spirit Aura. It can affect the enemy’s mind, make them feel fear and terrified, and affect the swordmaster.

7. Superconductivity: the conductivity of various energies is 100%;

8. Camouflage: You can disguise yourself as a long sword at all levels not higher than your own level, and change various appearances at will, only limited to swords;

9. Killing the master’s inheritance: every successful killing of the master will get all the sword master’s inheritance, which can be passed on to the next swordmaster or used by yourself. At present, we have basic sword casting, Jin family’s sword casting secret, Black-level inferior martial arts secret book “High Wind Technique” (competed), Yellow-level superior martial arts “Qingfeng Sword Technique” (perfection), and secret art “Breathing Arts” …

First of all, the two skills of bad luck and bad luck outbreaks become stronger, steadily reducing the fate value of the swordmaster by 1 point becomes 2 points, and the cooling time of the bad luck outbreak skill is reduced by half. In the past, those street-throwing swordmasters could live an average of 11 days in Chen Hao’s hands, but now they can only survive for six days.

Then there were three new skills. The first skill, superconductivity, needless to say, was upgraded to a profound weapon. It also had to channel qi characteristics, but the channeling is 100%, which was also the advanced weapon.

For Chen Hao, this skill can only be regarded as making do, making him more favored by the swordmaster.

The second skill, camouflage … To be honest, it was a bit useless. It may be used to protect those sword master who was more optimistic about themselves and felt that they had the growth potential to avoid the sword master’s troubles. After all, some experts with swords can still see the level of swords.

The third skill was a heavy play, and it was the skill that Chen Hao valued the most!

With the third skill, Chen Hao can straighten his back and proudly announce to the whole world that he was a magic sword!

Could let the swordmaster kill stronger and stronger, what kind of magic sword was it?

Constantly breaking through, continually becoming stronger, mastering one’s own destiny, and dominating everything of others were the eternal goals of this world.

However, Chen Hao looked at the introduction of “killing feedback” in the system and wondered what the purity was.

The feedback ratio, Chen Hao understands, every time he killed people, he would absorb the blood and soul of people it had killed, and the swordmaster could get a part. Chen Hao determines the ratio. For the swordmaster he was fond of, he could give more feedback. He didn’t like the swordmaster, gave less feedback, or simply didn’t give back!

“System, what does that purity mean?”

He only listened to the system explanation, “The sword body filters the blood and soul absorbed by the host, and the extremely pure energy will not affect the character of the host in the process of absorption, and the swordmaster is the same!”

“If you let the swordmaster absorb the energy that is not pure enough, although the strength of the swordmaster will grow rapidly, his character will gradually be distorted and have an extreme temper, and the host will grasp the scale.”

Chen Hao suddenly realized.

Anyway, if it was a one-time consuming swordmaster, then give him feedback on the energy with the worst purity!

He thought about it a little, set the proportion and purity of feedback, and set the sword’s appearance as the appearance of a top-level weapon.

He was satisfied with the current swordmaster and decided to develop stably for a while!

So the sword was under Fu Yuanming’s surprised eyes, and the nine blood rings gathered to become blood spots. The silvery blade became dark, and even its blade got dark!

It seemed that the change of the sword just now is Fu Yuanming’s illusion.

Fu Yuanming picked up the sword and injected the true qi. When he saw the tip of the sword, his eyes suddenly lit up!

Although the sword looks like a top-level common sword, he knew that it was a real, profound level sword!

A sword that could conceal his sharpness!

A sword that could automatically evolve by killing people!

With such a sword, Fu Yuanming felt like dreaming!

Gently wiping away the dirt left on the sword, Fu Yuanming quickly got a message from the sword-the fourth layer of the “High Wind Technique.”

His long-lost excitement strikes again!

Three days later, something even more exciting happened to Fu Yuanming. When beheading a Jiang Yang thief on the execution platform, a strange warm current penetrated his body from his left hand’s hilt.

Wherever the warm current passed, his body had been slightly strengthened, the true qi in his meridians was stronger, and even the spirit was much better!

That night, Fu Yuanming held a sword and stood in his small courtyard all night!

He knew that it must be the skills of the sword … It not only could upgrade by killing people, but also give feedback to him!

As long as he kept killing, he could keep getting stronger!

What magic tricks? He didn’t need it!

What kind of treasure was it?

What a noble family? What sect?

As long as the sword was in hand, he disdained them all!

As long as he had the sword in hand, as long as he kept killing, he could tremble the whole continent!

Fu Yuanming’s overflowing killing intent was almost uncontrollable!

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