I am an Evil Sword Chapter 17 Predecessors Inheritance

Two days later, the city guard once again informed Fu Yuanming that he had a job.

Fu Yuanming waited in advance in the square as usual. This time, the prisoner committed burglary. Yes, the law in this world was stringent, and even burglary punishment was the death penalty!

A beggar caught on the street would not break the law even if he was killed.

Fu Yuanming just went to the platform. When the prisoner looked up and saw him, he fainted directly. Even Chen Hao was speechless. Since he was afraid of death, why did he steal?

Even if he passed out, he could not escape the punishment of the death penalty. Who let him commit a crime? Who let him get caught? Who made him weak?

The last one was the point!

By the way, the detection rate in this world was also relatively low!

After all, the gap between individual forces was too significant.

Fu Yuanming cut off the prisoner’s head and went back to the resting room. He waited for half a day, but there was no response from the sword.

He had some doubts.

Was it wrong, or was it not enough?

After waiting for three days, Fu Yuanming executed two prisoners again.

After returning, Chen Hao immediately handed him the second layer of “High Wind Technique.”

Fu Yuanming was very excited this time!

The secret script fed back by the sword proved his guess.

The long sword just wanted to kill. It would feedback a layer of the sword master’s secrets as long as it killed a certain amount.

Is this a spirit sword?

It’s hard to conclude that the long sword’s former owner was a cultivator with great skill?

The elder used a sword to choose his successor and inherit his martial arts?

Fu Yuanming’s guess was very reasonable. When many peerless masters on the Profound Sky Continent were about to die, they would use various methods to pass on their martial arts if they didn’t have a suitable heir.

They are usually not willing to lose their efforts. After all, it was a way to leave traces of their lives.

When the seniors are about to fall, the most accustomed way of inheritance was to set up their own tombs and set up various tests in the tombs. If there were younger generations who could pass their tests, they usually wouldn’t be stingy with the outstanding juniors!

Of course, some demon masters may also set a dead end in the name of trial before death, just to kill more people after death.

The most famous one is that ten years ago, the tomb of a legendary master of the thousand-year demon path was opened.

The tomb directly said that the first cultivator to pass the test of the 18th floor of the tomb will inherit his mantle under the innate nature. He had left all his inheritance and wealth in the secret room on the 19th floor of the tomb!

The whole south domain cultivators were boiling, coming like the tide.

Both sides were killed in the dark in order to compete for the entrance and continued to fight after entering the tomb.

The test of each layer of the tomb was ruthless. There were countless dead cultivators, and the body almost didn’t block the passage.

After all, the demon cultivators were cruel in character, and the peerless master once destroyed the existence of a country by himself thousands of years ago, and it was expected that the test was cruel.

According to the latest statistics, in the war battle, as many as 50,000 cultivators died in the tomb under the innate realm, and dozens of masters fell above the innate realm, and some factions even collapsed in the “test”!

These are not the cruelest. The cruelest was when the crazy cultivators used their lives to break through 18 levels and found that the nineteenth floor was empty and only a sarcophagus.

Inheritance and wealth were not in the coffin. The coffin was empty, and there were no dead bodies. Only one paragraph was engraved on the bottom of the coffin: I’m just kidding you! Old devil, I have countless enemies in my life. I have no relatives and friends, and I don’t want to be cheap for anyone! Before I died, I had thrown all my wealth into the abyss of the sea of the ghost domain, so without your share, it would be impossible if you wanted to ruin my bones. If there was no accident, it should have been near the sea of the ghost domain. If you can find my ashes, I will recognize you as my successor!

It was said that there were more than 20 cultivators who were present at that time, including a sect leader!

Things were quickly spread, mmmm… and then the continent was a sensation!

The peerless master with such a bad personality can be called the best in the mainland, a rare encounter in 10,000 years!

Fu Yuanming heard about it, of course. Whether it was true or not, he didn’t know … But he estimated that it should be accurate. Ordinary martial artists could not figure out the actions of the demon martial artist.

Because of the different personalities of predecessors, some ways of inheritance were also strange.

Fu Yuanming thought that the sword in his hand was probably a rare way of inheritance.

You need to kill people to get the cultivation method. It was probably a magic swordmaster. “High Wind Technique” may just be one of the common cultivation methods, and the really powerful cultivation and martial arts may still be behind.

 It seems that I am going to kill more people!

On the way, he glanced at the pedestrians with cold eyes, but he still couldn’t make up his mind.

Thinking of killing those innocent people he didn’t know, and he still couldn’t do it!

Maybe… maybe I’m not suitable to step into the demon path!

Fu Yuanming unconsciously thought.

Moreover, his strength was not strong; only the peak of the qi condensation realm. If he really wanted to kill indiscriminately, he might be prepared to leave his hometown and live in no fixed place.

Thinking of his wife and his son, he sighed deeply.

If he got this sword fifteen years ago, his arm was still there, and he had no wife or children, he would not hesitate to open all the inheritance in the sword with the blood of countless people!

Now, he was too old.

However, even the “High Wind Technique” could make him benefit a lot. As an executioner, he could quickly open the inheritance and be safer!

Maybe … He thought of his son Fu Qingrong.

Chen Hao didn’t know Fu Yuanming’s inner thoughts, but he wouldn’t care even if he knew.

He just let Fu Yuanming know clearly the value of a sword!

At present, Fu Yuanming was his best swordmaster. If you want to find a devil-like sword master, you had no chance as his top master.

He just wanted to upgrade!

Upgrade quickly!

Not every day, people were waiting to be beheaded, but at least Tieshi City was also a bustling city. There were always people who were so hard-headed and didn’t want to live well.

In the first month, ten people were beheaded by Fu Yuanming.

In the second month, thirteen people were beheaded by Fu Yuanming, and he killed two.

In the third month, fifteen people were beheaded by Fu Yuanming.

There were only five layers of “High Wind Technique.” In the third month, Chen Hao did not finish teaching it.

In the beginning, Fu Yuanming beheaded three people, and Chen Hao inherited a layer of “High Wind Technique.” Later, he simply improved the difficulty, and the third layer was taught when Fu Yuanming beheaded fifteen people.

Chen Hao was so shameless …

In the fourth month, Fu Yuanming beheaded thirteen prisoners. When Chen Hao absorbed the last prisoner’s blood and soul, the sword’s energy finally reached the requirement of upgrading again.

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