I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 9 The Smiling Man

The second swordmaster, a young man who just came out of a small mountain village, dreams of becoming the strongest warrior in the world like all young people!

This was what he said to himself in the bronze mirror after getting up every morning.

Very young, a teenager in his second grade at most, Chen Hao remembered himself on the earth.

For his dream … Chen Hao could only say. mmm…… it’s just a dream!

Think about it in a dream.

As a Sect, Iron Wolf Sect also has its own training mechanism.

Just after entering the Sect, Zhang Er, with an innocent background, had successfully entered the direct line of the line under the care of Zhang Dequan.

Like all various Sects, when it was first established, it welcomed all masters, but if you want to grow genuinely, it was essential to cultivate your own team.

Following Zhang Er, Chen Hao gradually learned more information about the world.

The cultivators’ level was divided into the body refining realm, cyclone realm, qi condensation realm, qi ocean realm, true origin realm, and the legendary innate realm.

There was no innate master in Tieshi City, even if it was the three families and the leader of the Iron Wolf Sect and the strength of Jin Zhengqiu, the master of sword forging, was in the true origin realm.

The world’s martial arts flourished, and even though Zhang Er came from a small mountain village, his strength also reached the cyclone realm.

However, after the cyclone realm, if you want to continue to improve, the difficulty begins to rise in a straight line.

Practitioners absorb the vitality of heaven and earth, improve their cultivation by secret technique, and kill the enemy with martial arts.

There are four levels of secret martial arts: Heaven and Earth, Yellow, Black, and even the legendary God level.

Yellow grade secret martial arts was the stuff of rotten streets. In contrast, black grade secret martial arts was very precious and generally not easily taught, which was the foundation for ordinary family forces’ survival.

Born as a commoner, without advanced cultivation techniques, rich cultivation resources, and a good teacher … It’s hard to ascend heaven unless you join the power.

Like Zhang Er, a teenager from a remote mountain village, he was overjoyed when he first entered the Iron Wolf Sect to learn the top yellow grade cultivation method, “Earth Element Secret Art.”

I didn’t sleep in the middle of the night. I sat cross-legged and put on meditation. I woke up in the morning and looked haggard. I don’t know what I did last night!

Chen Hao looked at the several profound techniques in the master killing inheritance on his attribute panel. He was wondering if he wanted to pass it on to him.

After all, as the swordmaster, Zhang Er’s strength made his prestige a little awkward.

But thinking of Zhang Er’s identity, he twitched his mouth and decided to leave it alone for the time being

At the end of practice in the morning, Zhang Er and his companion Qin Feng followed Brother Hu and went to the street to do some tasks.

The most recent task was effortless. It was to collect protection fees.

Brother Hu, whose name was Chen Hu, grew up in Tieshi City since childhood, and his strength was in the qi condensation realm. He was the small leader of the Iron Wolf Sect, and Zhang Er was his subordinate now.

That’s right; Zhang Er is just a little guy!

Brother Hu walked left and right, looking very arrogant

He grabbed two sweet fruits from a fruit stall and threw one to Zhang Er.

Zhang Er looked at the sweet fruit, then at a smiling street vendor hesitatingly.


Chen Hu said.

Then he took a hard bite of the sweet fruit, and the juice splashed.

“This …..”

Seeing Zhang Er hesitate, Brother Hu earnestly taught him, “This street is the territory of our Iron Wolf Sect. They are all guarded by us. It is their pleasure to eat something from them, you know?”


Zhang Er was not a fool. He knew that if he didn’t eat it, Chen Hu would be unhappy.

Seeing his empty-handed companion Qin Feng looking at him enviously, he no longer hesitated.

Sweet fruit was delicious and sweet.

For two months, Chen Hao witnessed the change of Zhang Er.

From a simple boy from a small mountain village, he gradually became a full-fledged sect member.

From a kind and naive teenager, he became a sect member who likes to bully the weak!

Of course, most of this is attributed to Brother Hu’s subtle influence.

Zhang Er’s martial arts talent was average, and There are a total of fifteen members of the Iron Wolf Sect at about the same time as him. During the monthly test, he relied on the resources sent by Zhang Dequan occasionally, and his strength barely ranked fifth, which was one place lower than the first monthly exam. In the next month’s test, he also dropped a spot.

This makes Chen Hao very unhappy!

Genius or something, Chen Hao didn’t care, and he was dissatisfied with the whole two months, he hadn’t seen any blood!

In the afternoon, Brother Hu saw that Zhang Er had no spirit all day, as if he had guessed something, so he smiled and asked, “How is the monthly test result? You look in a bad mood?”

“Only the fifth place!”

“The fifth place is OK, at least in the middle and upper ranks!”Brother Hu asked Qin Feng instead, “How about you, Qin Feng?”

Qin Feng replied embarrassedly, “Thirteenth!”

Hearing Qin Feng’s ranking, Zhang Er suddenly felt a little better.

“Well, there is still a lot of room for improvement!” Brother Hu thought for a moment and said, “Since you are in a bad mood, shall I take you to relax?”

Zhang Er wondered, “Relax?”

“You and Qin Feng are still young?” Brother Hu smilingly looked at Zhang Er.

Zhang Er’s face began to burn.

“Let’s go, Brother Hu here will show you!” Brother Hu said with his arms around the shoulders of the two younger brothers.

The two teenagers turned red, but they didn’t resist.

To tell the truth, they were looking forward to it.

When they were in the Iron Wolf Sect, they often listened to their companions talking about women, and some people laughed at them as young kids, saying that they were not real men.

They still wanted to take off this hat.

Came to an alleyway, some women were slightly exposing their flesh at the alleyway.

The lights were dim, and they couldn’t see their faces clearly.

Zhang Er and Qin Feng swallowed their saliva at the same time, and they were all nervous.

Zhang Er whispered, “Brother Hu, will it be too expensive?”

“Hey, hey! What is the cost? Everyone is a brother! ” Tiger Brother smiled and said, “Do you think I will pay with money?”


“This street is managed by our iron wolf sect!”

Brother Hu, a frequent visitor here, soon came to a small building, and a wrinkled old woman warmly received him.

“Brother HUr, you haven’t come to us for a long time.” The old woman’s affectation voice was sweet and greasy.

Chen Hao, who stayed in the sword, wanted to cut her down.

“I have been very busy recently.” Brother Hu took a sip of tea and laughed bitterly. “These are my two little brothers. I take them today to experience. Remember to pack them two big red envelopes after you finish!”

“Well, my girls will definitely take good care of the two little brothers.”

Soon, a few coquettish women gathered around. In Chen Hao’s eyes, these were all vulgar customs, but in the two teenagers’ eyes, then It was different.

Zhang Er entered the back room with a plump, 27-year-old eldest sister, Chen Hao was placed by the wall…

“Don’t move; let your sister teach you!”


Chen Hao silently looked at the bad luck outbreak skill in the property panel.

He originally wanted to give Zhang Er some chances. After all, Zhang Er was young and came from a small mountain village. He had made mistakes and slackened, and he was justified.

Chen Hao came from that age.

But now … The dissatisfaction accumulated in Chen Hao’s heart broke out completely.

Haha, man, go to hell!

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