I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 8 The Second Sword Master

Early the next morning, when Chen Hao was desperate, a burly figure came over again.

Yes, it was the captain of the street mercenary who threw Chen Hao into the bushes.

He found the “Black Blood Divine Sword” from the grass, stuffed the long sword into the package, and muttered, “Although it is a mortal weapon, it should still be worth a few gold coins!”

If Chen Hao could rush out of the sword, he would definitely slap this big guy who didn’t recognize good stuff in front of his eyes!

Chen Hao now hopes that the rude mercenary could wield the sword a few times.

If the mercenary captain dared to use him, Chen Hao would recognize him as the swordmaster!

But the mercenary captain seemed to be not interested in it at all.

When he returned to Iron Stone City and separated from the Chen family, he went directly to a weapons shop.

Looking at the weapon shop’s signboard, Chen Hao suddenly has a feeling of fate and reincarnation because the name of this weapon shop was called “Jin’s weapon shop”!

The shop opened by Jin Zhengqiu, and the one in charge was his second disciple.

“Shopkeeper, I have a peak-level mortal weapon here. How much do you want to buy?”

In his thirties, the shopkeeper was short stature, somewhat chubby, and his small eyes were full of shrewdness. He glanced at the “Black Blood Divine Sword” and said, “Ten gold coins!”

“Shopkeeper, are you kidding? Your peak level swords sell for 35 gold coins!”

The shopkeeper disdained the mercenary captain and said, “The swords we have here are forged under the supervision of Master Jin Zhengqiu. The quality is extraordinary, and of course, they are expensive!”

“And you see, the blade of your long sword has been broken!” The shopkeeper pointed to the blood marks on the sword and said, “Also, there are flaws here. I don’t know which poor blacksmith made it.”

Chen Hao wanted to tell him that this was what his master forged!

“All right, ten gold coins!”

The mercenary captain knew that the price given by Jin’s Weapon shop was reasonable. If you go to the pawnshop, it was estimated that the price would be reduced to five gold coins.

The mercenary captain took the gold coin and left without looking back, and Chen Hao was angry.

The mercenary captain dared to sell him for ten gold coins. This big guy had blind eyes!

The shopkeeper looked carefully with the long sword in his hand and said with some doubts, “This one seems to have been sold in our shop … I don’t know which apprentice forged it.” It seems that it is not. There is no mark on it?”

Lying in the sword, sorrowful for revenge, the enemy’s soul has been digested and absorbed, and the enemy’s abilities have been passed on. Don’t worry about not having the next swordmaster. Is there a better ending than this?

Chen Hao looked at the weapons shop where people were coming and going. It was boring-I didn’t know who my next swordmaster was like. I hope you won’t keep me waiting!

The next day, two warriors came to the weapon shop. The shopkeeper seemed to know these two and nodded at them.

The warrior who walked at the front, with a fierce face, asked, “shopkeeper, a month has passed, and our deputy leader asked me to come and ask, are the goods ready?”

“You can rest assured that the signboard of our Jin Weapon Shop won’t lie. The goods had just arrived this morning. They are definitely high-quality goods, and the quality is much higher than that of the weapons on the market!”

“Master Jin’s signature is, of course, famous. Otherwise, our deputy Wang will not purchase from you!”

The shopkeeper said directly, “OK, then I’ll show you.”

Iron Wolf Sect is the most prominent Sect in Iron Stone City, which almost monopolized the underground world of Tieshi City. The swords produced by Jin’s weapon shop are recognized as the best in Tieshi City, so that they would purchase a batch of weapons at Jin’s weapon shop every once in a while.

This time, they purchased 100 common intermediate swords, 20 advanced common swords, ten peak level common swords, and a customized low-level profound sword, and a profound intermediate sword.

Seeing that Zhang Dequan was very satisfied with these weapons, the shopkeeper asked, “Zhang Dequan, I heard that you fought fiercely with the Black Tiger Sect recently?”

Zhang Dequan disdained to say, “What Black Tiger Sect, just a group of bereaved dogs!”

The shopkeeper pursed his lips and didn’t ask more.

As a matter of fact, the Black Tiger Sect was not as wasteful as Zhang Dequn said. Half a month ago, the Black Tiger Sect was also the largest Sect in Qingfeng City half a month ago. It only offended the duke of Qingfeng City and was abruptly driven out of the city. Under the necessity, they chose to rob the territory in Iron Stone City.

The strength of the Black Tiger Sect was better than that of the Iron Wolf Sect, and its strength had been saved for the most part because of its timely retreat. Recently, in the process of seizing territory with the Iron Wolf Sect, the Iron Wolf Sect also relied on geographical advantages and took a little advantage.

Zhang Dequan also knew that the local strongmen like Jin Weapon Shop must know the war’s specific situation between the two Sects. He couldn’t fool them, so he changed the subject and said, “This boy is Zhang Er, who belongs to our village and is regarded as my junior. I will bring him out. Shopkeeper, can you look out if you have any weapons suitable for him?”

The shopkeeper smiled. He had already noticed the somewhat immature face next to Zhang Dequan.

From the moment he entered the door of the weapon shop, he kept looking randomly.

The shopkeeper said to the young man, “We only have long swords here. What grade do you want? Tell me?”

The young man had a look of excitement. In this world where warriors are respected, no young man does not desire a good weapon!

Zhang Dequan said, “He has just arrived in the circle. Just get him a high-end weapon. If the weapon is too good, he would be an easy target!”

“You can’t say that. Weapons are the second life of fighters. As an elder, don’t you want him to live longer?”

“Uh …” Zhang Dequan was speechless by what the shopkeeper said.

He picked up a long sword and said to the boy, “What do you think of this peak level common weapon?”

The young man’s eyes lit up when he heard it was a peak level common weapon.

“No, shopkeeper, are you really going to kill me?”

“How is it possible?” The shopkeeper smiled. “Although this sword is a peak-notch weapon, it is only a second-hand sword. There is still a crack on the blade. It is estimated that a profound weapon chopped it. I think the sword is well-made and of good quality. If you, a younger generation, want it, I will sell it to you at the purchase price, just fifteen gold coins.”

When he heard it was a second-hand long sword, with cracks in the edge, and the boy’s eyes dimmed again.

Young boys always feel uncomfortable with second-hand weapons when what they want is a good appearance.

“Let me see!”

Zhang Dequan took over the sword, carefully looked at the blade of the sword, then waved it casually and nodded thoughtfully, “This sword is perfect, and it is better than most swords made by your Jin family weapon shop. The original owner should pay great attention to maintenance. It has not been used for a long time, and the blade’s crack is not a big problem. It is perfect!”

“Brother Zhang is an expert.”

The shopkeeper praised.

If Zhang Dequan couldn’t see well, the deputy leader of the Iron Wolf Sect would not send him to be responsible for purchasing weapons.

“Xiao Er, this sword is for you. Do you want it? “

“Yes!” Zhang Er had already thought about it. Since the crack did not affect the use, the peak level common weapon was, of course, better than an advanced common weapon, even if it was second-hand.

As for the profound weapon, he was very self-aware, and Zhang Dequan could not give him away.

Chen Hao stayed in the sword and watched the young boy waving the sword excitedly, feeling that life was interesting again.

No way, as a sword, life is really boring.

“Ding ~ Do you want to bind the sword to the second master?”

Zhang Er … Emmm … Why can’t they be called Xiao Yan and Zhang fan?


Without binding the swordmaster, Chen Hao’s many skills cannot affect the swordmaster.

“What’s the name of this sword?” Zhang Er waved his sword whirring, feeling that he had become a great master.

“You can give it a name.”

The shopkeeper smilingly said.

Zhang Er looked at the blood drops on the long sword and whispered, “let’s just call it the Blood Drop Sword … How about it?”

Chen Hao wanted to say Black Blood Divine Sword, but the two next to him were watching.

Although Zhang Er was a young boy, he had just come out of the village, and his face was still relatively thin.

“Very good!” The shopkeeper commented.

Chen Hao felt that the name was so low that he missed Old Jin.

Sword Name: Blood Drop Sword

Grade: Peak level common weapon

The second sword master: Zhang Er

Talent: Killing Master’s Inheritance


1. Bad luck (turned on): Steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck););

2. Bad Luck Outbreak: the host can turn off the bad luck skill for ten days and then use a bad luck outbreak. Once the bad luck outbreak is used, the luck value of the swordmaster in one day will be reduced by 10;

3. Killing evolution: evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul;

4. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself;

5. Evil Spirit Aura (opened: the more creatures killed, the stronger the condensed Shaqi, forming a unique Shaqi field. The Evil Spirit Aura can affect the enemy’s mind, make them feel fear and fear, and affect the swordmaster.

6. Killing Master’s Inheritance: every time you succeed in killing the swordmaster, you will get all the sword master’s inheritance. You can pass these inheritances to the next swordmaster or use it yourself.. At present, you have: basic sword forging, Jin’s family profound sword forging secret, Xuan-level low-grade martial arts “High Wind Tactics” (accomplished), Huang-level superior martial arts “Qingfeng Sword Art” (perfection), and secret art “Breath Recovery Formula” …

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