I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 7 Killing Master’s Inheritance

Jin Zhengqiu thought clearly.

The young man in front of him said he was from the Chen family, Mingjian City. He was suspicious. What if he was only bluffing him?

What if the young man in front of him didn’t lie and let him go. After he left, he couldn’t think about it, but what if he sought a master to find Jin Zhengqiu’s trouble?

The Chen family in Mingjian City is the top family in Baisha County, and there is not only one innate master in the family. It is easy to deal with Jin Zhengqiu.

You know, Jin Zhengqiu is not masked now, but he was only slightly disguised.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, whether the young man in front of him was Mingjian City Chen’s family or not, as long as he killed him and disposed of the body, then he can sit back and relax.

“Strong wind drill!” it was Jin Zhengqiu’s killer move.

In order to avoid long night dreams, he planned to fight quickly.

“If you want to kill him, kill me first!”

The mercenary captain stepped forward and stood in front of the young Chen family.

“Captain!” The Chen family boy shouted.

The Black-Blood Divine Sword left the cyan afterimages and swept through.

The mercenary captain Qi was already depleted. How could he resist Jin Zhengqiu’s killer move?

The strong wind drill hit him, the heavy sword in his hand was thrown away, his body was knocked into the air, he flew more than ten meters away, and then fell heavily to the ground, vomiting blood.

“Boy, go to hell!” Jin Zhengqiu grinned. “It’s really a good experience to kill a martial arts genius with your own hands.”

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly in the divine sword. It seemed that the overall situation was set.

He thought that the ending was Jin Zhengqiu’s fear of the opponent’s background, let him go, and then the opponent asked a group of masters to come back for revenge!

Unexpectedly, the food was delivered.

But what does it matter whether this young man who claimed to be from the Chen family in Mingjian City was dead?

Regardless of the outcome, Chen Hao made the most profit.

Just as Jin Zhengqiu readied himself and prepared to strike at the young man, he suddenly heard someone shouting in midair, “Little worm, dare to attack at our Chen family, damn it!”

Jin Zhengqiu looked up and saw a golden light in the clouds. Then he saw a lot of blood pouring out of his neck.

He also saw his right hand and the “Black Blood Divine Sword” in his hand.

Finally, Jin Zhengqiu completely lost consciousness.

After Jin Zhengqiu’s head tumbled to the ground, his body slowly fell, and the Black Blood Divine Sword also fell to the ground.

Chen Hao was dumbfounded inside the sword!

What did I just see? Is it an immortal?

He saw an old man wearing a blue robe and long gray hair fluttering freely from the sky and landed beside the young man.

The boy whispered, “Uncle Chen!”

I see!

Chen Hao suddenly realized.

He looked at Jin Zhengqiu’s head with some pity-he was really unlucky. He was merely unfortunate!

Killing some mercenaries at will, you dared to hit someone with a background, it was bad luck to hit someone with a background, and he even attacked someone with super expert protection!

Such a low probability thing was struck Old Jin.

Really… the sky had eyes!

At the same time, he also secretly lamented. The skill of Bad Luck Outbreak is incredible!

At this moment, Chen Hao suddenly felt a great sense of energy, pure energy penetrated into his long sword, continually strengthening his soul, similar to the feeling that Old Jin led him to kill before. But more intense!

There was also a massive flow of information that followed. After Jin Zhengqiu’s cultivation, Chen Hao’s soul is strong, so it is needless to say that he easily received this information.

Feeling free to browse the information, Chen Hao had a strange expression.

Then, he heard the once long-lost system prompt: “Ding ~ the host, succeeded in killing the master for the first time, and gained the skills Killing Master’s Inheritance!”

“Killing Master’s Inheritance: Every time the master is killed successfully, you will get all the inheritance of the swordmaster. You can hand over these inheritances to the next swordmaster, or you can use it yourself!”

“Congratulations to the host for getting basic sword forging technique.”

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the secret technique of sword forging of the Jin family.”

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the secret book “High Wind Tactics “of black-level inferior martial arts,” obtained “High Wind Sword Art” of yellow-level top-grade martial arts, and the secret book” Breathing Restriction Formula “…”

Chen Hao was stunned by the constant system prompt appearance!

He felt that if he had true essence, he could use the martial arts “inherited” from Jin Zhengqiu!

But Chen Hao has no true essence… resentment!

“Seventh young masters, can you come home with me now?” Asked the old man called Uncle Chen.

The seventh young master of the Chen family asked a little displeased, “You have been following me all the time?”

Uncle Chen whispered, “Seventh young masters, the master told me to protect you secretly.”

The seventh young master of the Chen family just wanted to say something. He looked up at Jin Zhengqiu’s body and shut his mouth again.

He knew that if uncle Chen didn’t show up today, he would die!

The seventh young master of the Chen family sighed heavily, then went to the mercenary captain and stuffed a Dan medicine into his mouth: “Captain, how are you feeling now?”

“It’s okay. I can’t die.” The captain struggled to sit up from the ground and said, “Unfortunately, my brothers, I can’t figure out why that bastard came to us. I don’t know him at all, he has no grudges, and he doesn’t know you either!”

Of course, he would not blame “Uncle Chen” for failing to save his brother’s life because he could save a life. After all, it was because of this youth.

Uncle Chen, on the side, replied, “In fact, it seems that there is really no reason. I am sure that he did not come specifically for you, but you just happened to meet!”

“What a madman!” The mercenary captain looked toward Jin Zhengqiu’s body, vomited one mouthful of saliva.

The reason for Jin Zhengqiu’s murder was only known to Chen Hao, who stayed in the Black Blood Divine Sword.

“Uncle Chen, let’s go with the captain!” said the seventh master of the Chen family.

There was only one person left in the mercenary team, and the task was impossible.

The captain was seriously injured, and Chen Qishao was a man of affection. It was impossible to throw him in the wilderness and fend for himself.

Uncle Chen nodded, “Alright!”

After a night’s rest, Chen Qishao helped the captain tidy up the other members’ remains. The mercenary captain searched Jin Zhengqiu’s whole body and found more than 20 gold coins and some sword forging materials.

The mercenary captain said, swearing, “A dignified True Origin Realm master, who actually uses a mortal weapon, really a poor wretch!”

“Damn it!”

He kicked Jin Zhengqiu’s head away.

Chen Hao, who was watching, was very happy!

The old man should be whipped!

As soon as the mercenary captain saw the crack on the “Black Blood Divine Sword,” he broke and scolded, “Let’s break his weapon!”

Chen Hao’s whole soul twitched!

After cursing, he threw the Black Blood Divine Sword directly into the grass … Chen Hao looked at the rude man who was still cursing and suddenly missed Old Jin.

If it were Old Jin, he would definitely not throw a sword at will!

He is an evolving sword.


Chen Hao suddenly remembered one thing, if he was just like this abandoned somewhere in the bushes of Xueyun Mountain, how would he upgrade? How to evolve?

For a while, Chen Hao went crazy.

If no one found him, wouldn’t he have to lay down in the grass all his life … When the time came, Chen Hao remembered the days when he squatted down in the Summoner Canyon … He really wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Who will save him?

He shouldn’t lay down in the grass for a lifetime!

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