I am an Evil Sword Chapter 6 Kicking the Iron Plate

In the night, Jin Zhengqiu watched the mercenaries from a distance as usual and did not encounter any abnormality. Chen Hao couldn’t help but wonder.

Is the Bad Luck Outbreak skill not working?

In other words, today, Jin Zhengqiu’s luck is about to catch up with the legendary son of luck?

Just when Chen Hao was thinking, Jin Zhengqiu seized the first opportunity. The mercenary group found a suitable camping place not far from a small river, and a mercenary went out to fetch water.

Jin Zhengqiu lurked in the reeds like a poisonous snake, and then suddenly exploded, killing the mercenary in one fell swoop.

“It seems that something is wrong.” After a while, some mercenaries discovered that something was wrong with the situation. “The monkey said it was going to fetch water. It seems he has been there for a while!”

“It might be a monster beast!”

“I don’t think so. We have explored it nearby just now. There are no powerful monster beasts nearby. With his strength, he can still run.”

Another mercenary said, “Why don’t we go and have a look?”

As soon as the two men stood up, their captain frowned and said, “Wait, let’s be careful and go together.”

“You come with us, too.” The burly man said to the handsome boy, “You can’t be too careful when you are outside. Only careful people can live longer.”

“I see, captain!” The young man nodded.

The big burly man shouted, “Monkey if you are there, answer me!”

His voice was so loud that his roar echoed back and forth in the mountains until it disappeared.

The monkey didn’t respond.

Chen Hao was held in his hand by Jin Zhengqiu, and when he heard a loud roar, he knew that his plan fell through and that the mercenary team was cautious.

However, Old Jiz was very calm, knowing that the other party had noticed something, but still quietly crawled among the reeds.

“Captain, should something happen to the monkey?”

“It should be.” The captain said calmly.

The handsome boy held a sword nervously and asked, “What shall we do then?”

“Look at it in the past. In any case, at least we know what happened. Let’s go together and be careful.”

Then the mercenary team captain is in the lead into the reeds.

Chen Hao didn’t know the specific strength of Jin Zhengqiu, but he must be confident and capable of eating this group of people with his cautious character.

Four mercenaries are getting closer and closer, and Jin Zhengqiu narrows his eyes, holding the “Black Blood Divine Sword” tightly in his hand, and then stepping on the ground, his whole body soared off.

“The breeze is blowing!”

Jin Zhengqiu shouted in a low voice.

The mercenary attacked by Jin Zhengqiu actually reacted. He raised his sword to resist Jin Zhengqiu’s attack and then kept retreating.

The attacked mercenary obviously found himself no match for Jin Zhengqiu and wanted to escape.

Jin Zhengqiu has rich experience and is not forgiving. He tiptoed in the air and flew towards the retreating mercenary.

“The chaotic wind kills!”

Jin Zhengqiu wielded his sword extremely fast, and the mercenary was tired of parrying, only able to block the three swords, and he was wiped off his neck.

Since Jin Zhengqiu burst, killing one of the mercenaries took only three breaths, and the process was too fast for others to react at all.

The first to react was the experienced mercenary captain, who said with a face as heavy as water, “He is the master of true origin!”

“Master of the true origin realm?” Another mercenary couldn’t help showing a desperate look when he heard the words “true origin.”

“True origin realm? That’s troublesome! ” The handsome boy took a deep breath and stepped forward, standing side by side with the captain. “Captain, what should we do?”

“You can only fight with him!” The mercenary captain said, “I am now at the peak of the Qihai realm. You are at the beginning of your air and sea. There may be a chance for us if we unite. If you escape, you will die!”

“Well, ok!”

At the critical moment, the teenager did not flinch.

This makes the mercenary captain regret. If the young man was gifted and not dead, he must have an excellent chance to impact the legendary innate realm.


The mercenary captain shouted, carrying his heavy sword, and ran, then jumped violently, raised the heavy sword, and slammed toward Jin Zhengqiu.

“Earth Layers Sword Skill: Thousand Power Strike!”

Jin Zhengqiu smiled disdainfully, raising his sword to block.

But when he blocked the heavy sword, he heard a very low “crack,” Jin Zhengqiu suddenly changed his face!

An incredible force struck, and his whole calf fell into soft soil.

The handsome boy took advantage of the situation to kill him from the side. A long sword stabs at Jin Zhengqiu’s lower back. Jin Zhengqiu qi wrapped his feet and jumped to one side.

After jumping to the side, he did not immediately make a move but looked at the “Black Blood Excalibur.”

There was a slight crack in the blade of Black Blood Divine Sword.

Jin Zhengqiu was careless, and the mercenary captain split a crack in the blade of his sword with his powerful strength and the profound sword in his hand.

This crack made Jin Zhengqiu feel terribly distressed, and the Black Blood Divine Sword was his precious.

“Damn it. I will kill you all!” Jin Zhengqiu burst into anger.

The furious Jin Zhengqiu went all out, and the sword was fiercer than the other party’s sword. After only seven strikes, another sword pierced a mercenary.

The whole mercenary group only left the head and the handsome young man.

The remaining two people were not simple characters. The mercenary leader relies on his rich experience, profound martial skills, and the profound sword.

The young man was a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. Although his fighting method was immature, his posture was extremely outstanding. He often used some exquisite moves in the process of fighting, which brought Jin Zhengqiu a lot of trouble.

However, Jin Zhengqiu deliberately revealed a flaw, and the young man was fooled and cut into his thigh by Jin Zhengqiu’s sword.

Next, victory was only a matter of time.

“I can see that you are a genius. It’s a pity you have to die early!”

After twenty strokes, Jin Zhengqiu said to the injured, handsome boy.

A teenager in the early stage of Qihai had the fighting ability in the late stage of the Qihai realm, and even Jin Zhengqiu looked at him a little.

The handsome young man pulled out a medicine bag from nowhere, poured white medicine foam on the wound, and the gushing blood on his thigh stopped in an instant.

He gasped and said, “Have you heard of the Chen family of Mingjian City?”

“The Chen family of Mingjian City?” Jin Zhengqiu feels a little uneasy. “Which Chen family?”

Staying in the black blood sword, Chen Hao suddenly got up.

When the handsome young man saw that he would die here, he reported it to his family! It is definitely the effect of the bad luck outbreak. Otherwise, how could Jin Zhengqiu literally kill a few mercenaries and meet someone with a background?

“There is only one Chen family in Mingjian City!” The handsome boy said with some self-mockery, “I don’t like the Chen family either, but I am indeed a Chen family member.”

“If you kill me, you will get into a lot of trouble!”

“If you let us go, I’ll let bygones be bygones and never come to Xueyun Mountain again. What do you think?”

Only the mercenary leader whispered in a complaining tone around the young man: “Please, boss, why do you say it now when you have a backer?”


The handsome young man was a little confused.

Jin Zhengqiu whispered, “You all have to die today!”

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