I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 5 Bad Luck Outbreak

The persimmons must be soft and pinched first!

Jin Zhengqiu, the shameless old guy, knew this well.

His strength is one level higher than the head of the mercenary group. Under a deliberate sneak attack, the man whose arm was broken was attacked by a sword!


The other mercenary member, only heard the head of the mercenary shout, “Brother, let’s fight with him!”

The only remaining mercenary immediately responded and rushed towards Jin Zhengqiu, but he didn’t see it. The head that he believed suddenly turned around and went deep into the dense forest without looking back.

Chen Hao was stunned!

Hmmm … How could people be so shameless?

The honest mercenary didn’t know until his death that his head had abandoned him.

Because he didn’t look back, he was killed by Jin Zhengqiu right away.

Jin Zhengqiu wielded his sword very quickly, and a blue qi wrapped Chen Hao’s black blood sword. Chen Hao did not feel the slightest resistance from the wind.

He cut off the mercenary’s head very smoothly.

“You think you can run away?”

Jin Zhengqiu looked at the dense forest and sneered.

The wind usually rushes into the dense forest.

Then there was a chase.

The mercenary head was quite good, but he was still dead only after ten moves with Jin Zhengqiu.

In the next five days, Jin Zhengqiu was cautious and ruthless, killing three teams in succession, and the blood and soul absorbed by Chen Hao were finally enough for him to upgrade.

Feeling that the black blood sword was getting hotter and hotter, Jin Zhengqiu, who had long experienced, found a secret cave and carefully observed the sword’s upgrade.

The upgrade process was much the same as before.

However, Chen Hao was happy again because this upgrade brought him great surprises.

Sword name: Black Blood Sword

Grade: Top

The first sword master: Jin Zhengqiu

Talent: Killing the Lord


1. Bad Luck (opened): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck););

2. Bad Luck Outbreak: The host can turn off the bad luck skill for ten days and then use a bad luck outbreak. Once the bad luck outbreak is used, the luck value of the swordmaster in one day will be reduced by 10;

3. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul;

4. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself;

5. Evil Spirit Aura (opened: The more creatures killed, the stronger the condensed Shaqi, forming a unique Shaqi field. The Evil Spirit Aura can affect the enemy’s mind, make them feel fear and fear, and affect the swordmaster. As a magic sword, Chen Hao is a little bit nameless now.

Not only does the enemy who killed him still live a natural and unrestrained life, but the most annoying thing was that he was able to get along with the enemy day and night and had become a weapon in his hand!

It happened that because his grade was too low, he could not be an enemy!

If you hold a transmigrator race, Chen Hao would definitely be among the best, and maybe he could win first place!

Bad luck skill steadily reduced the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 point. In fact, this skill was useless.

Chen Hao asked the system that the luck value is not constant but changes within a range.

The so-called son of heaven also suffered from bad luck when his fate was gloomy. However, in most cases, his luck hit between 8 and 10, and his bad luck lasted for a very short time, and then the luck suddenly went up.

For example, after falling into the cliff by bad luck, one could pick up the secrets of magical skills left by predecessors…

For a master like Jin Zhengqiu, the luck value was also positive in general, and there was still a little luck added.

Chen Hao steadily lowered Jin Zhengqiu’s 1 point luck value, but the effect was not noticeable.

But now it’s different. A bad luck outbreak skill could directly deduct Jin Zhengqiu’s 10-point luck value.

If Jin Zhengqiu were unlucky or in battle one day, Chen Hao would give him a bad luck outbreak … I’m afraid I can directly put him to death!

Chen Hao thought happily: So, as the level increases, I can definitely become a qualified magic sword!

With a smirk in his heart, he turned off his doom skills.

Just wait in ten days!

When Chen Hao calculated it, Jin Zhengqiu watched with ecstasy as the “black blood divine sword” evolved into an excellent grade weapon.

Only one step away, the black blood divine sword can evolve into a profound low-level weapon.

The only difference between a profound weapon and a common weapon was that a profound weapon could channel the qi energy and facilitate martial arts use. Still, the profound weapon could also enhance the martial arts’ power when the cultivator used martial art.

And cultivators could also use a common weapon to display his or her martial arts, but the power of the skill will be reduced, and the common weapon might be damaged after a long time.

Low-grade common weapons were generally worth one silver coin. Intermediate grade common weapon was generally worth one gold coin. High-grade common weapon was generally worth five gold coins, and 30 coins for top-grade common weapons. But the value of a profound low-level weapon had risen straight up to the sky, starting at 500 gold coins!

Do you want to continue?

No one could bear the exciting feeling of upgrading weapons.

No one could resist the temptation of growing stronger.

Not even Jin Zhengqiu, this swordsmith powerhouse!

After all, it was the nature of all living things to pursue power. Even if Jin Zhengqiu delves into swordsmith’s skill, it was also a way to become strong.

Unfortunately, Jin Zhengqiu didn’t know that this mortal weapon “Divine Sword” already possessed a spirit.

Moreover, the spirit held a deep grudge against him. The faster he upgraded the “Black Blood Divine Sword,” the quicker he would die.

Let’s continue!

Jin Zhengqiu immediately made a decision.

Jin Zhengqiu had been lurking in the Xueyun mountains for ten days. During these ten days, he had a good record and a good harvest. He killed two teams of low-level mercenaries and found some precious sword casting materials and monster beast crystal core from the mercenaries he killed.

After midnight, staying in the Black Blood Divine Sword, Chen Hao, who was bored to death, used a bad luck outbreak.

From midnight until dawn, nothing happened, which made Chen Hao even more depressed.

In the early morning, Jin Zhengqiu ate a little dried meat and went on his way with Black Blood Divine Sword

He walked for about thousands of meters and soon met a group of mercenaries.

There were five mercenaries in this team, led by a big fellow with a heavy sword and a beard. A young man aged about fifteen or sixteen, and a handsome face was closely followed.

With a smile on his face, the big fellow kept talking to the handsome boy.

The handsome boy nodded thoughtfully while listening.

Three adult mercenaries were hanging at the back. These three mercenaries were more professional, and they were all very vigilant by paying attention to the surroundings to prevent a hidden monster beast from suddenly attacking.

However, this was of no use.

Jin Zhengqiu was ambushing earlier, and the person on the other side didn’t even notice it.

As the distance got closer, Chen Hao faintly heard the conversation between the big man and the handsome boy.

“As a mercenary, you must always be vigilant in the wild because there are many monster beasts who are good at camouflage … Also, in the wild, you should be not only careful of monster beast attacks but also be careful of other mercenaries who harbor evil intentions … Remember, it is best that everyone should not believe it except those in their own team, especially when you are injured or have great gains …”

An old mercenary imparts experience and knowledge to a new mercenary?

But they were unlucky and met Jin Zhengqiu.

Jin Zhengqiu was far behind the mercenary team. Chen Hao knew that he was going to wait for the dark.

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