I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 4 Accidental Encounter

Chen Hao asked the system, “Can I get a skill every time I level up?”

The system replied, “This is not the case. Acquiring skills have certain randomness. Sometimes it is not certain to acquire new skills, but it may be to strengthen the skills you have already acquired.”

“That’s quite good, too.”

Next, Jin Zhengqiu disposed of all the assassinated bodies and returned to the blacksmith’s shop.

The next day, the day passed quietly. As usual, Jin Zhengqiu taught seven or eight apprentices sword casting skills.

At night, Chen Hao thought he could get more soul and blood like yesterday, but Jin Zhengqiu disappointed him.

Jin Zhengqiu went all the way and took a 7- or 8-year-old girl in a small village near Xueyun Town.

As for the girl’s family, Jin Zhengqiu didn’t disturb them. He used drugs!

In short, he was not a reckless man, doing things very purposefully. It was Chen Hao’s evaluation of him.

When Jin Zhengqiu took the little girl away, Chen Hao could probably guess what he wanted to do.

He wanted to cast another “Black Blood Divine Sword.”

Looking at the little girl who was crying and struggling, but still thrown into the furnace of casting sword by Jin Zhengqiu, Chen Hao seemed to see himself.

But he didn’t want to save the girl.

As a result, he can’t do anything for the time being. The system said that only when the black-blood divine sword became a spirit weapon could he communicate with the host.

Secondly, after becoming a spirit sword, even though his soul still belongs to human beings, his humanity has been dramatically weakened.

Chen Hao knew Jin Zhengqiu was absolutely impossible to succeed.

Jin Zhengqiu came to Xueyun Town in the dark and then went to the small village again, killing the little girl’s parents, carrying a low-level weapon with a black blood divine sword, os, so he thought.

This low-level sword does not absorb blood, nor was it automatically repaired, nor did it have any abnormal shape.

Did I kill the wrong person?

Jin Zhengqiu turned his attention to the little girl’s neighbor.

After killing two families of ten people, there was still nothing happened to the low-level weapon. Jin Zhengqiu had to admit that he failed!

With the same material and process as when casting the “black blood divine sword,” why did the black blood divine sword succeed, but this sword failed?

Jin Zhengqiu couldn’t figure it out!

Is it because I use girls?

Chen Hao had to say that Jin Zhengqiu has excellent potential to be a Frankenstein. He made a bold guess and carefully verified it. Jin Zhengqiu took nine children and cast nine low-level mortal weapons.

Of course, all nine low-level weapons failed!

Then he had to stop.

Not because of the tracing of the Guards of Iron Stone City, but because the meteorite was used up.

When the meteorite iron was used up, Jin Zhengqiu’s crazy heart calmed down. He reviewed that he was too crazy recently. Then he held hot tea, sat in a chair, and looked at the snow cloud mountains in the distance to meditate.

Combining the experience of ten failures, comparing the details of casting the black blood sword, there was absolutely no difference in the detailing sword process. The only possible difference was the person who used to cast the sword!

Jin Zhengqiu used a boy who was almost the same age as the beggar Chen Hao, tried eight times, and all without exception failed.

Perhaps there was a more significant difference between the beggar named Chen Hao and other boys.

There were no two identical leaves or two identical people in the world—Jin Zhengqiu understood this truth.

So what qualities of the dead beggar Chen Hao had to make him different?

In other words, what traits does Chen Hao need for casting the sword?

Thinking of this problem, Jin Zhengqiu has a headache!

Jin Zhengqiu only knew that the beggar’s name was Chen Hao, and then there was nothing left.

As for his characteristics, people have been molten iron, which is impossible to investigate!

Jin Zhengqiu sighed, “I would have asked him more if I had known!”

Now he regrets Chen Hao’s death.

But Jin Zhengqiu didn’t give up hope. At least the black blood divine sword was still in his hand. He could continue to study.

Being busy for a month, Jin Zhengqiu turned his attention to the black blood divine sword. He wanted to know where the limit of this sword was.

He also felt that if the black-blood divine sword turned into sword spirit, if he could communicate with the sword spirit, he might be able to find out the secret of the casting of the black-blood divine sword.

This time Jin Zhengqiu chose to enter the Xueyun Mountains.

After all, killing people in the vicinity of Qingshi City has aroused local cultivators’ vigilance, while in Xueyun Mountains, mercenaries were killed by monster beasts every day, killing people, and monster beasts help clean them up, which was the best choice for low-key caution.

There are some masters among the mercenaries nearby, but few could match Jin Zhengqiu.

So Jin Zhengqiu told his disciples that he needed to go out to find precious materials for casting swords, and simply packed his bags and entered the Xueyun Mountains.

Following Jin Zhengqiu, Chen Hao was probably clear. The world is called Tianxuan Continent, with sectarian families lined up and respected by warriors. Then the most respected occupations are founders and alchemists. At present, this place was called within the jurisdiction of Qingshi City, and there are many beasts nearby, and Xueyun mountains where mercenaries gather together. Other things he didn’t know.

He doesn’t even know the level of warriors!

After all, Jin Zhengqiu usually speaks a few words, and he also taught apprentices to say two more words, and apprentices should not say more. In front of Jin Zhengqiu, he couldn’t even say words, and Chen Hao couldn’t hear them.

Along the way, when Jin Zhengqiu saw the beast, he cut it. Almost no monster beast was his opponent. Chen Hao became more and more sure he should be a master.

At the same time, Chen Hao also found that killing the beasts was also good for him.

But the benefit was not significant, far from killing people.

Because the monster beast soul is not strong enough?

Chen Hao guessed.

On the third day of entering Xueyun Mountains at dusk, Jin Zhengqiu met a group of mercenaries.

There were seven mercenaries in this team. One was lying on a stretcher, whose life and death was unknown. One had a broken arm directly and was being supported. The remaining five were not much better. All of them were wounded and bandaged.

Obviously, they h just experienced a life-and-death battle!

Jin Zhengqiu went into hiding when he saw them from a distance, and his whole person was like a corpse that lost all its breath.

The big burly man shouted, “It’s already the periphery of the mountains. The beast here is not strong. Let’s camp here tonight!”

“Okay, leader!”

The group of people started camping, Jin Zhengqiu narrowing his eyes, staring at them, motionless, until after midnight quietly touched up.

He first killed the night’s watcher by the campfire.

Then two other team members were assassinated one after another, only to be discovered by the wounded on the stretcher.

“Someone attacked!”

The man shouted.

Then he was killed by Jin Zhengqiu’s straightforward sword.

The mercenary group reacted, but at this time, there were only three people left.

They were headed by their leader, a one-armed man, and another member.

The mercenary leader found that most of his members were dead, and his eyes were splitting. “Who are you?” Do you have a grudge against us? “

“We have no hatred, and I met you for the first time!” Jin Zhengqiu said flatly.

“So, why do you deal with us?”

“We just accidentally encounter each other!”

Just after Jin Zhengqiu finished speaking, his figure rushed towards the one-armed member like lightning.

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