I am an Evil Sword Chapter 2 Black Blood Divine Sword

He clearly remembered that a hole had just broken in the blade of this failed product, but now the spot had disappeared!

Could this sword be able to repair itself automatically?

Didn’t this sword a failure?

Becoming a true master of swordsmith was the ideal pursued by Jin Zhengqiu all his life. He knew that a sword that can automatically repair itself was not nonexistent!

There was a legend, and it was beyond the existence of spirit weapons!

Spirit weapon had a simple spirit, but it didn’t have the ability to repair itself automatically!

Did I accidentally cast out the existence of a transcendental spirit weapon?

He was only excited for a short time, and his heart cooled down again.

He casually cast a sword that transcends the spirit weapon. Judging from his decades of experience, this was obviously not in line with common sense!

If the sword beyond the spirit level could be cast so quickly, he was afraid the spirit sword on the street had already become a common product.

I’m only forty years old, and I’m strong. I’m not blind, and I can’t be wrong.

The sword has never left my side, so it can’t be replaced. The frozen blood spot can’t be imitated so easily.

Just when Jin Zhengqiu gently wiped the sword with silk, frowning and thinking, he suddenly felt that the long sword in his hand began to heat up, getting hotter and hotter, burning his hands.

Soon, the whole blade turned crimson, as if it had been burned red by an invisible flame!

Jin Zhengqiu hurriedly put aside the sword, scared to take two steps back. He scanned around, and there was nothing strange around him. Then he stared at the sword now, completely ignoring his scalded palm.

He felt that something terrible was going to happen!

Sure enough, many tiny particles like dust seeped from the red-hot sword, and more and more small gray particles seeped out, gradually covering the whole sword.

Jin Zhengqiu’s mouth opened wide. This process was very similar to the step that the swordsmith repeatedly struck the sword embryo with a hammer to remove impurities in the sword embryo.

Could this sword evolve?

It was hard to imagine!

He kept asking himself, ‘What the hell did I cast?’

After the sword no longer oozes gray impurities, and the crimson color fades gradually, Jin Zhengqiu clamped the sword into the snow water with iron tongs to cool it down, and once again uses it again to cut down the intermediate level sword, and the cutting edge of the intermediate level sword collapses! While the magic sword was intact.

This confirmed Jin Zhengqiu’s guess.

It really evolved!

From a low-level weapon, evolved into an intermediate level weapon!

Since it could evolve from a low-level weapon to an intermediate one, could it still evolve into a high-level weapon, a top-level weapon … evolve into a magical weapon, evolved into a spirit weapon … and even evolve into a weapon that only exists in myth?

Unlimited possibilities!

He knew that these might only be his fantasies, but seeing the scene of the sword evolving with his own eyes, his dreams were not impossible!

Jin Zhengqiu held the sword, and his body shivers with excitement. He kept stroking the blade with his injured palm. His “amorous” eyes are like looking at the love of his life.

“What a disgusting look!”

“Where to touch, damn it, just fucking touch yourself!”

“I can’t stand it, this damn old man, I want to kill him!”

“I’m going to slice him apart; I’m going to cut him to pieces, I’m going to chop him into minced meat!”

Within the sword, Chen Hao’s soul roared loudly.

Just now, the sword absorbed the soul and blood of the little apprentice to nourish Chen Hao’s soul before he woke up.

When Chen Hao woke up, he was so crazy to see Jin Zhengqiu’s insignificant small movements and eyes!

Not only the flesh was gone, but he was also trapped in a long sword. Not only he could not avenge, but he was also held in the palm of the enemy … This was simply terrible torture.

Unfortunately, no matter how he roared and cursed loudly, Jin Zhengqiu couldn’t hear his voice.

At last, Chen Hao was tired of tossing himself, and then he remembered a crucial thing.

“System, are you still there?”

“The strongest sword system is on!”

“Aren’t you the strongest human system?”

“Now, the host is not a person.”

“Do I still have a property panel?”

“Of course!”

Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Fortunately, the system is still there!’

The system was still there, at least he had the capital to make a comeback, and he had the opportunity to avenge his death.

He took a look at the unrecognizable system property panel:

“Sword Name: None”

“System,  why do I not yet have a name?”

Just after asking this question, Chen Hao heard Jin Zhengqiu’s gentle voice, “You are the best work in my life; I will name you the black blood divine sword. I hope you can live up to the word divine sword!”

“If you say black blood divine sword, I will be called black blood divine sword, and my father will call it Chen Hao!”

Then, Chen Hao saw that the column of system attribute board: sword name changed from “none” to “Black Blood Divine Sword” … Chen Hao wanted to chop down the old guy outside.

“Can I be called Chen Hao?”

“Sorry, the name of the sword is decided by the swordmaster!”

Just hold your horses and watch it again!

“Grade: intermediate”

“First swordmaster: Jin Zhengqiu.”

It turned out that the bastard was called Jin Zhengqiu, who was blind for nothing.

“Talent: Killing the Lord”

“Skills: 1. Bad luck (opened): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck); 2. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul; 3. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself. “

Talent killer?

I have to say that this talent makes Chen Hao extremely satisfied. At least he saw the hope of pitting Jin Zhengqiu to his death!

This skill seemed weak now, but the system said that these skills could be upgraded and strengthened.

Jin Zhengqiu was happy for a whole day. The next day, he shut himself in the blacksmith’s shop and enjoyed his work.

However, after he was excited, his inner confusion surged up, and the more he thought, the more confused he became.

With his whole life’s experience in casting swords, he couldn’t figure out how he succeeded!

Jin Zhengqiu muttered to himself, clutching his forehead, “Why did the black blood divine sword produce such a change?”

Chen Hao won’t kindly tell Jin Zhengqiu, of course, how rare the materials he uses are, offering swords with the body and soul of the transmigrator and casting swords with the gold finger system. This incident was definitely the first person in ancient and modern times!

Chen Hao’s heart ached at the thought of it.

He was definitely the most tragic transmigrator ever!

Out of sight, out of mind, Chen Hao simply closed his consciousness and didn’t want to see Jin Zhengqiu again.

His ability was limited now, so he had to hibernate first.

Besides, he was not worried at all.

Chen Hao knows very well that Jin Zhengqiu, who knew the magic of “Black Blood Divine Sword,” would definitely do everything possible to help him upgrade!

No one could resist the temptation of a divine sword.

Some people were willing to sell their kidneys in the virtual game for a fake artifact sword, while others tried their best to mine gold. This was the case in the game, not to mention in this fantasy world where martial arts were respected, and cultivators regard weapons as their second life!

Anyway, if Chen Hao got a weapon that could evolve infinitely, he would definitely try very hard to upgrade his weapon.

After Jin Zhengqiu helped him upgrade, just you see!

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