I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 16 Black Level Inferior Skill

Fu Yuanming stained the steamed bread with the prisoner’s blood, and several civilians dressed in plain clothes squeezed through, and ten copper coins were exchanged for a bloody steamed bread.

It was said that steamed buns infected with beheaders’ blood could cure diseases, and many civilians who were seriously ill at home would buy two to try.

Fu Yuanming knew it didn’t work. His wife had already tried it, but he certainly wouldn’t give up this extra money since someone bought it.

Today, three prisoners were killed. All three prisoners were not ordinary people. They were full of vigor, so Chen Haoda made up for it. He was especially pleasing to the eye when he saw the swordmaster.

After all, this was the most significant harvest after he left Jin Zhengqiu.

Chen Hao thought about it a little and decided to invest a bit more.

Fu Yuanming had just returned to the cabin and was about to put down his sword to change clothes. Suddenly, he felt a fever in his sword, and a strange message got into his mind.

Leaning against the wall quickly, it took him a long time to recover.

Fu Yuanming looked at the sword in his hand incredibly and murmured, “The first layer of the black level inferior secret skill “High Wind”?”

Although the message didn’t mention it, he knew very well that it was really a strange sword!

“This sword …”

Fu Yuanming looked at the sword. It was not clear where this treasure came from!

He immediately decided not to tell anyone about this secret. Once it leaked out, he might be killed soon!

The secret script of the black level lower grade, the secret of family power, is very precious. Fu Yuanming lived most of his life, which was the first time he saw the black level cultivation method!

“Unfortunately, it is only the first layer of” High Wind “!”

Since there is the first layer, there must be a second layer!

But I got the sword yesterday. Why did I get the first layer of “High Wind Technique” today?

Could it be that…Fu Yuanming looked at the bloody sword and had a vague guess.

It was just a guess, and it needed to be verified later.

Knowing that the sword was a treasure, Fu Yuanming immediately wiped it clean and treasured it in his storage bag.

After returning home, Fu Yuanming took care of the long sword and cooked medicine for his wife. In the afternoon, his son Fu Qingrong also came back.

Half of Fu Qingrong’s face was swollen. It was probably because he was injured when practicing martial arts.

Fu Qingrong studied martial arts at Tieshi Martial Arts School in Tieshi City, which costs a lot of money every month. However, his martial arts talent was quite good, and the owner was very optimistic about him.

Every parent hoped that his son would become a dragon, and Fu Yuanming was no exception. He hoped that his son would have a bright future before he could become an executioner.

To tell the truth, the executioner profession was very unpopular and had a meager status.

The cultivators looked down on the executioner because the executioner specifically killed the prisoner who had lost his ability to resist.

Civilians were afraid of executioners. After all, every executioner had dozens and hundreds of lives on his hands. Their murderous aura was very heavy. Walking on the street would make people feel chilling.

Moreover, the executioner still has a certain degree of danger. Which cultivators were executed without three or two relatives or friends?

Fu Yuanming’s predecessor was killed by the revenge of a close friend of a death row prisoner!

If he had a choice, he wouldn’t be an executioner!

Fu Yuanming was willing to be an executioner because the executioner was well paid because he wanted to train his son and earn more money to cure his wife!

“Qingrong, how was your practice today?”

“Not bad.”

Fu Yuanming asked casually, “How did you get the look on your face?”

“I was practicing against Bai Ming and was beaten by him.”

“Bai Ming? I haven’t heard you say before, is it just entering the martial arts school? “

“It’s about the same age as me. It’s not a martial arts hall. He just came and compared notes with him. He is from the Bai family.”

Fu Yuanming knew who the Bai family was, one of the three prominent families in Iron Stone City.

“He is very powerful?”

Fu Qingrong whispered, “Well, the master said that Bai Ming’s talent in the collateral system of the Bai Family could only be considered as average, but he cultivated the top-grade skill of the Bai Family … I can’t beat him.”

There was an indescribable loss in his tone.

There is a big gap between civilian cultivators and aristocratic cultivators. The noble family children, and some of the family’s children, begin to use medicinal materials to make a foundation before they emerge from the mother’s womb. After they were born, they used all kinds of Dan medicines. Then, under the guidance of cultural teachers, they read and read, began to get in touch with the basic knowledge of martial arts, ate reiki monster beast meat, accepted excellent teachers’ guidance, and studied advanced martial arts. For a long time, civilian cultivators would find a massive gap with aristocratic cultivators.

This gap was often enough to make people despair!

Therefore, countless civilians who wanted to get ahead were eager to join a clan or sect. Even if they signed a contract, they didn’t care!

Unfortunately, many people wanted to sell themselves, and most of them were not qualified.

The Bai Family could only be regarded as a third-rate family. The children of the Bai Family’s collateral system were no better than the direct children. Fu Qingrong was excellent in the Tieshi Martial Hall, but he couldn’t beat an ordinary Bai Family collateral children.

He must be agitated!

Looking at his son frustrated, Fu Yuanming seemed to see himself twenty years ago.

I thought I was very talented, thought I could make a great career … As a result, hehe!

I found myself overtaken by others before I was born!

After two silent meals, he watched their son take care of his mother and then washed the bowl. Fu Yuanming said, “After the dishes are washed, come to the yard and look for me.”


The clouds in the sky were so thick that the stars and the moon couldn’t be seen, and it was utterly dark.

Fu Yuanming stroked the sword across his waist and asked in a low voice, “Long sword, long sword, I want to teach “High Wind Technique” to Rong Er, will you blame me?”

The sword was dead silent and didn’t respond.

As long as the swordmaster offered him sacrifices, Chen Hao didn’t care who Fu Yuanming would pass the cultivation method to.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Fu Yuanming said slowly, “Rong Er, that set of “Iron Niu Jin” is not suitable for you. I will teach you a set of cultivation methods from my father today, but you must keep it secret, you know?

Fu Qingrong lowered his voice and asked, “Father, does our family have Huang level high-grade skills?”

“Iron Niu Jin” comes from Tieshi Martial Arts Hall. Even Fu Yuanming was born in Tieshi City Martial Arts Hall. He also cultivated the yellow level mid-grade cultivation method “Iron Niu Jin.”

“No, it’s the black-level inferior” High Wind Technique.”

“What?” Fu Qingrong was shocked. “black-level inferior?”

Fu Yuanming was excited when he heard his son’s violent breathing.

“Well, don’t let it out, or it will bring a lot of trouble, you know?”

“Yes, I know, kill me, and I won’t tell anyone!” Fu Qingrong said excitedly, “Dad, don’t we Fu family have a history?”

“Yes, there is a history. Your grandfather is a farmer, your grandfather is a butcher, and your father used to be a city guard…”

“Uh…” The naive boy was suddenly speechless.

I thought my ancestors used to be a big family!

“Don’t fantasize. Your grandfather’s father is also a farmer!” Fu Yuanming continued, “I accidentally got this “High Wind Technique.”I will teach you the first layer now. Remember not to disclose it, even if your mother asks.”

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