I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 15 Ancient Occupations

“Dad, look at this sword!” An eleven or twelve-year-old boy excitedly ran into the house and handed a sword in his hand to his father, his face full of joy and pride.

“Found it?” The child’s father stared at the sword and said with some doubts, “Where did you find it?”

“Just by the side of the road.”

“How can the roadside pick up such a good sword?”

The child’s father knew it was a good sword when he saw it.

There were no cracks, no curling edges, and no rusting. You could tell at a glance that it had been carefully maintained.

Who accidentally lost it?

“Tell the truth!” The man said with a straight face.

“Er …” The boy hesitated, but he told the truth, “Today there was an unlucky man who was hit by Young Master Liu’s car. That sword belonged to that unlucky man … I wanted to return it, but the unlucky man was killed at once.”

“That’s bad enough!”

The man nodded.

There were no people in Tieshi City who didn’t know Liu’s second young master. The horses of Liu’s second young master were all very precious Monster Beasts, the Lieyun Horses. Running with all their strength, it was possible to kill a warrior.

“This sword was hit and flew far away. At that time, almost everyone paid attention to the unlucky man, and I took the sword back …” The boy said with some pride, “After I got the sword, I was still in the alley for a long time, and I found that no one was following and went home.”

The child’s father said speechless: “With your strength, could you know if you are being followed?”

But the boy replied, “It is because of my poor strength that no one will follow me! If someone really likes this sword, they will just stand up and grab it. I have thought about it. If someone tries to grab it, I will throw the sword directly and run! “

The child’s father nodded with satisfaction, “Yes, you are still smart!”

“Dad, don’t you just happen to lack a good weapon? I think your big sword is not sharp!”

“This sword is much stronger than my broadsword!” The child’s father didn’t have his right arm. He took the long sword in his left hand, waved it at hand, and gently cut it on the corner of the table. There was no resistance, and his mouth smiled. “It should be a good sword.”

“That should work?”


Just then, there was a severe cough in the inner room, and the boy trotted in.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

As the boy spoke, he lifted a pale little woman out of bed.

“Just a little bit out of breath.” The woman whispered.

“It’s time to drink medicine!” The boy’s father brought a bowl of steaming soup medicine with his left hand.


The woman drank the medicine with difficulty, lay back on the bed, and watched her husband and son leave secretly, tears streaming from the corners of her eyes.

“Do you want to bind the tenth sword master Fu Yuanming!”

“Not to bind for now!” Chen Hao replied immediately.

After smashing Ma Yibin, Chen Hao was free again.

He didn’t care about returning to the Iron Wolf Sect.

Iron wolf Sect’s members were too rubbish, and they couldn’t find a good swordmaster. Moreover, he had been too high-profile recently, and too many people have died in the pit. The manager of the iron wolf sect’s armory seemed to suspect him. It was good to start over in a new environment.

Therefore, when the system asked him if he wanted to be bound to the little boy and his father, he chose “No.”

He could confirm the binding at any time.

He was now only a top-level weapon, which can only be regarded as a valuable weapon, not an indispensable magic weapon for warriors.

If you discredit your reputation and spread the name of bad luck, he was afraid that he wouldn’t find any swordmaster in the future!

Therefore, he planned to wait. If he could wait for a powerful or potential swordsman, he would make a profit.

After spending a day at Fu Yuanming’s house, Chen Hao probably knew the family’s situation.

Fu Yuanming was a butcher. He used to be a good warrior, but he lost his right hand and opened a small shop selling pork in Tieshi City.

He had a son, who picked up Chen Hao’s, and a wife who has been ill in bed for many years.

Early the next morning, Fu Yuanming got up and opened the shop. In the morning, the business was not profitable, but he did not take it seriously.

Soon after, a young man dressed as a guard in light armor came over. He seemed to know Fu Yuanming: “Brother Fu, there is work at noon today!”

“OK, I will arrive early!”

Before noon, Fu Yuanming closed his shop and returned home. He looked at a knife and a sword hanging on the wall.

Pulling out the knife, the edge of the knife is already curled up, and even the pork can’t be cut without any effort.

He hesitated but chose to bring the long sword and a small suitcase.

“Xiaowen, the city guard called me. I’ll go out!”

“Alright!” The sound was subtle.

Fu Yuanming left in silence and bought five steamed buns on the road. After walking through several streets, he came to a square.

This square, Chen Hao knew, was a place where prisoners of Tieshi Citywere executed.

Fu Yuanming got into a small room and changed into a white coat. Chen Hao seemed very familiar with this white coat.

He drew out a sword, waved it at will, and inserted it into the scabbard satisfactorily.

“Brother Fu, the time is up!”


Fu Yuanming walked out of the small room. At this time, near noon, the clouds dissipated, and the hot sun shone on the earth.

Many people surrounded the little square, the vast majority of whom were civilians watching.

He walked up to the execution platform and put the steamed bun with a small suitcase on the side of the execution platform.

On the execution platform, three men in white prison uniforms kneeled on the ground.

An official from the City Lord’s Mansion came forward and publicly announced the three people’s crimes on the execution stage.

The three men killed a wealthy family in Iron Stone City the night before. They were out of luck and happened to be caught by the city guards.

Chen Hao, who was in the sword, finally knew what Fu Yunming did!

It turned out to be the executioner!

In an instant, the image of the middle-aged one-armed greasy uncle in his eyes suddenly rose!

The executioner was simply one of his best swordmasters!

He didn’t want to meet the novel protagonist, who often kills people and arrogant every second.

As long as the sword’s master could kill a few people from time to time and feed him, he would be delighted!

He couldn’t help it. The previous swordmasters were too useless, making Chen Hao’s requirements for the swordmaster much lower.

He learned a little bit, and the ancient occupations were the one who killed the most people in the world.

Soldiers, killers, executioners!

He used to be idle and bored and imagined that there could be several sword masters of this kind, but he didn’t expect that his dream would come true now!

Good executioner!

It was safer than soldiers and killers and had a stable income channel for people’s heads. Chen Hao has no longer dared to crave more!

“System, bind the swordmaster Fu Yuanming!”

“Binding succeeded!”

After the successful binding, Chen Hao also shut down the bad luck aura skill for fear of accidentally killing him!

After declaring the crime, the official shouted, “Execute!”

“Eighteen years later, this old man is a good man again!” the first prisoner whose head was beheaded shouted loudly.

Fu Yuanming didn’t have any expression on his face. He listened to this kind of words too much and became numb.

If there was another choice, he didn’t want to be an executioner.

Drinking a sip of strong alcohol and spraying it on the sword, he kicked the first prisoner’s back. The prisoner plunged directly into a small reddish-brown pit, raised the long sword in his left hand, and slashed hard.

A bloodline appeared on the prisoner’s neck, and then his head fell directly into the pit, and the blood poured out of the hole and then flowed down the channel down the platform.

Fu Yuanming’s hand was steady, and not a drop of blood splashed outside the pit.

The second prisoner did not have the heroic spirit of the first prisoner. He had already been terrified. He struggled hard, and his gray trousers were soaked with water stains.

Fu Yuanming was unmoved, kicked up, and decisively cut off his head.

“Please, don’t kill me. I don’t want to die!”

The third prisoner cried.

Fu Yuanming didn’t speak but kicked him indifferently into the pit.

He could not decide whether the prisoner lived or died.

The technique was simple and neat, and Chen Hao absorbed the continuous vitality and soul a wave of three kills. Chen Hao was too happy!

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