I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 14 Died of a Fatal Accident

Wen Qizi walked to the front of the weapon rack where the top weapon was placed, hesitated, and finally put his hand on the evil sword.

“This is your sword; please register it.”

“What sword?” Ma Yibin pulled out the sword and glanced at the body. “Hey, there is a red dot. Is it a pattern?”

“It’s a pattern!” Wen Qizi wrote the register and said.

“It seems to be an old one? I think there are still several long swords on the weapon rack. Give me a new one.”

“Are you sure?” Wen Qizi asked with a surprised look.

At this question, Ma Yibin became suspicious: “Is this sword still exquisite?”

“This sword is not an ordinary top weapon, but a fine product of the top weapon!”

A few times ago, when someone returned the sword, he heard the cripple had studied it carefully.

This long sword didn’t seem to have any weirdness, but it had patterns. It was more challenging than ordinary top ordinary weapons and had a sharper blade. It was indeed a fine product among the top ordinary weapons.

Ma Yibin was suspicious, “You didn’t lie to me?”

He knew that the cripple man hated him so much that he chose a good sword for him. Ma Yibin always felt uneasy.

“If you don’t believe me, look at it!”

Wen Qizi said as he stood up, took off a top-level mortal sword at will, pulled out a piece of hair, and gently blew it on the blade. The hair hit the edge and then bounced back.

He took the sword in Ma Yibin’s hand and blew his hair up. His hair was cut into two sections by the sharp blade.

“Got it?” Wen Qizi asked with some contemptuous eyes, “If it weren’t for the bad luck of the former owner of the weapon, it wouldn’t really be cheaper to you.”

Ma Yibin praised, “It is indeed a rare good sword!”

Watching him sign his name in the register, Wen Qizi breathed a sigh of relief.

“I said Wen Qizi, what did you say about your sister?” Ma Yibin still asked arrogantly, “Don’t think that if you give me a better top-class weapon, you can fool this matter!”

“It’s not impossible for you to marry my sister.”

Wen Qizi wanted to hold Ma Yibin for a while and delay time.


Ma Yibin was a little surprised.

“Why should I lie to you, but can you guarantee that you will be good to my sister for the rest of your life?”

“Of course, I can! Your sister follows me, and she will be happy!”

“You swear!”

“Well, I, Ma Yibin, swear to God, after marrying your sister, if I don’t treat her well, I will fight five claps of thunder every day and die a natural death!”

Hmmm … actually, Wen Qizi didn’t believe it at all.

“Well, I believe you, my sister can marry you, but you have to wait for two months!”

“Why wait?”

Ma Yibin couldn’t wait to get into the bridal chamber!

“It will be two months before my sister was fifteen years old!”

“Oh, I am too anxious!” Ma Yibin laughed. “Since you agree to the marriage, I’ll go to Brother Biao as a witness. He just happened to be there.”

Hearing that, Wen Qizi hesitated, “Is it necessary?”

“Do you want to go back on your word?” Ma Yibin stared at Wen Qizi’s eyes with burning eyes, biting his teeth, and asked, “Are you lying to me just now?”

“Of course not!”

“Then, I will ask my brother to be a witness!”

“Then you go.”

Wen Qizi was leaning on the back of the chair, trying to be exhausted.

If Brother Biao really became the witness, unless Ma Yibin was really dead, he really couldn’t go back on his word on this marriage.

“Well, you should have a good rest here first!”

Ma Yibin satisfied smiled.

Seeing Wen Qizi slouched, he knew that he won!

Although he was called Brother Biao, Brother Biao was not a big five or three thick guy. He was tall and handsome and was well-known as the handsome man in the Iron Wolf Sect.

Brother Biao manages the casino business of Iron Wolf Sect in Tieshi City. He was decisive and ruthless. He was famous for his loyalty to his brothers. Like Zhang Dequan, he was also valued by the deputy Wang.

Under the witness of Brother Biao, Ma Yibin’s marriage with Wen Qizi’s sister was settled.

Wen Qizi looked at Ma Yibin’s triumphant departure and set his sights on the long sword.

He hoped that the long sword could really be useful!

“Ding ~ Do you want to be bound to the ninth sword master Ma Yibin?”


Chen Hao directly replied without thinking.

He had no hope for the so-called sword master now.

He closed the aura of bad luck and waited ten days before a bad luck outbreak made the swordmaster died.

He had thought it over. Unless the swordmaster immensely satisfied him, he would have to survive a bad luck outbreak.

If the swordmaster couldn’t satisfy him, and he didn’t have enough luck. This kind of swordmaster would die without pity!

In a certain way, Chen Hao had gradually become a more mature magic sword. At least he would no longer have any hope for the swordmaster.

Ten days later, in the evening, Wen Qizi passed by Ma Yibin’s house’s door and found that the door was locked.

The next day and the third day, Ma Yibin still didn’t go home, nor did he continue to harass his sister.

This was very abnormal!

Is the bad luck of the sword real?

Curse Ma Yibin to death?

Or, Ma Yibin has other tasks and is busy, so he didn’t go home?

On the fourth day, Wen Qizi heard the news of Ma Yibin’s death.

Ma Yibin was hit and killed by a carriage on the street. The carriage owner was the second son of the Liu family, a well-known person in Iron Stone City.

The Liu family paid a sum of money to the Iron Wolf, and the matter was gone.

After all, Ma Yibin was just a small boss. Last time, the Liu family helped the Iron Wolf Sect settle the matter with the Guiling Sect’s inner disciples. The mutual relationship was still there… Why not let the Second Young Master Liu pay for Ma Yibin’s death, right?

Even if the Liu family dared to give it, the Iron Wolf Gang would not dare to take it!

No matter in which world, human life was divided into high and low, which was no different from goods.

Wen Qizi was sitting in a chair in the armory. His thoughts were uncertain. He was happy when he thought of Ma Yibin’s death, but he was afraid when he thought of the evil sword.

I’m afraid I’ll die in an accident someday!

The noise of the iron gate of the armory woke him. He opened the door and saw Brother Biao standing at the door.


“Do you know that Ma Yibin is dead?”

“Well, I just heard about it.”

Brother Biao nodded, “He is a good brother, but unfortunately, his life has been unlucky!”

Wen Lame didn’t know how to answer. He could only say perfunctorily, “The Liu family is powerful, and our Iron Wolf Sect is still fighting with the Black Tiger Sect. We can’t provoke the Liu family. It is indeed because of his bad life!”

Speaking of which, he was responsible for this.

“It’s good that you can understand!” Brother Biao nodded and asked, “I heard that Xiao Ma is an orphan.”

“Yes, he is alone.”

Ma Yibin had an old mother, but she was so angry.

But Wen Qizi certainly won’t talk about it.

“After thinking about it, you can still be regarded as Xiao Ma’s relative. You take the money, don’t think it is too small, it is the compensation of the Liu family and a little bit from our sect.” Brother Biao took out a lot of money. The bag was stuffed into Wen Qizi’s hand, and said, “Go back and advise your sister and let her mourn …”

Did Brother Biao think his sister would be sad?

Looking at the departed Brother Biao, Wen Qizi looked at the gold coins in the bag. He thought, “Go back to my sister, who tried to kill herself. I am afraid that she will be crazy!”

In the next three days, Wen Qizi still didn’t see anyone who came to return the sword of doom. He had to accept the fact that the sword was lost. He was a little happy and a little regretful.

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