I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 13 It Was Too Strange

In late July, the weather began to heat up, and the sealed armory was even hotter, but Wen Qizi’s heart was cold!

Wen Qizi Wen was sitting on a chair in the Armory, and what was spread out in front of him was the borrowing. Returning records of the top weapons in the armory, next to the records, were the top weapons swords with red blood dripping patterns that he had been very concerned about recently.

Yes, it was returned again.

Returning for the seventh time!

When he took over the sword for the third time, Wen Qizi felt that the long sword was a little overpowering, but he didn’t take it seriously!

When it was returned for the fourth time, he began to have some doubts. He especially inquired about the current situation of Gong Dagen. He was really dead, and he died somewhat humbled and helpless.

The red blood-dripping pattern sword was returned for the fifth time, and the inside of Wen Qizi’s heart began to grow hairy. He just placed the sword on the sword rack and not even dared to touch it more!

Today was the sixth time it has been returned. Wen Qizi looked at the sword beside him, but he didn’t dare to touch it!

On May 10th, he received a longsword, which was four feet two inches long and one and a half inches wide. It had a crack and a red blood-dripping pattern. It was a top-class weapon. Its predecessor was unknown, and it was estimated to be dead.

On May 15th, Di Zeyan, the young leader, took away the top sword with a red blood drop pattern.

On May 28th, Di Zeyan died accidentally by a mercenary.

On the afternoon of that day, Wu Su, the small leader, took away the top sword with red blood drops.

On the ninth day of June, the sword of the top-level weapon with red blood drop pattern was returned, and Wu Su kicked the uncle who sold Sugar-Coated Berry in the street and then his grandson in the road killed him!

On June 11th, Gong Dagen took away the top sword with a red blood drop pattern.

On June 21st, the sword of the top-level weapon with a red blood drop pattern was returned. Gong Dagen molested a woman in the street and was beheaded by a sword. The murderer was missing.

On June 23rd, Chen Wei took away the top sword with a red blood drop pattern.

On July 3rd, the top sword with a red blood dripping pattern was returned. The sect member who sent the sword back for Chen Wei’s death didn’t say that it must be dead.

On July 4th, Xia Xing took away the top swords with red blood drops.

In the early morning of July 15th, the top sword with a red blood drop pattern was returned, and Xia Xing’s body was found. The murderer was still unknown, and it was suspected that the Black Tiger Sect did it!

On July 15th, Yin Dongfeng took away the top swords with red blood drops.

On July 26th, the top sword with a red blood drop pattern was returned, and the Black Tiger Sect killed yin Dongfeng.


This was the information summed up by Wen Qizi. It was about all the top-level swords owners with red blood drops in the Iron Wolf Sect.

In just over two months’ time, the top sword owner with the red blood drop pattern changed seven times, and everyone died, without exception!

And almost every master, after receiving a sword, could only live for ten days!

There were no exceptions!

This sword was very evil. It was the first time I’ve encountered this evil thing since I was in charge of the armory!

He didn’t believe it was just a coincidence!

It was not right, either. He had been in contact with the longsword. After two months, he was fine.

Wen Qizi was considering whether they should report the situation of this red blood dripping pattern sword.

He was scared to death, fearing that one day he would die.

But if he reported it, will it work? Will the boss believe in him?

Wen Qizi had some doubts. After all, this was too strange.

“Long sword, long sword, if you are really extraordinary, you will definitely not embarrass me as an ordinary person, right?”

Wen Qizi talked to himself and carefully put the sword on the weapon rack … His heart was very uneasy!

In the afternoon, he sat on the chair and peeked at the long sword from time to time, as if it really had life.

At last, Wen Qizi couldn’t sit still. He took down the long sword and began to maintain it.

He kept muttering in his heart: What if the reason why the sword didn’t harm him was that he liked his professional maintenance skills?

It was entirely possible!

In the afternoon, someone came to the door of the armory and stepped on the iron gate.

“Wen Qizi, open the door quickly, open the door quickly!”

Wen Qizi frowned. He knew who was coming.

Reluctantly, he opened the door and came in with a short, thin man with double triangular eyes and thin lips. He smiled and showed fine teeth, especially front teeth.

His name was Ma Yibin, and he lived in an alley with Wen Qizi. He hated poison very much. He was a man of Iron Wolf Sect and often bullied the people in their passage.

However, he didn’t dare to bully Wen Qizi. After all, Wen Qizi was also helped by the Iron Wolf and managed the armory. Although he was a cripple man, he also had a higher status than the general wannabe.

“Are you here to take weapons?” Asked Wen Qizi to cut to the chase.

He had a bad relationship with Ma Yibin.

This guy had an idea for his sister, the kind he made no secret of!

Ma Yibin proudly said, “I have become a warrior in the qi condensation realm. I have come to get a weapon and want top-class weapons!”

Hearing that Ma Yibin had become a qi condensation realm warriors, Wen Qizi’s face sank.

In the Iron Wolf Sect, warriors in a qi condensation realm could generally serve as small leaders, and their previous positions might not be enough. However, the Iron Wolf Sect fought with the Hei Hu Gang recently, and the losses were quite large. It was the time of employing people, and it was clear to Wen Qizi

“Wen Qizi, don’t always face me with a cold face!” Ma Yibin said quite proudly, “You know what I mean to your sister. I am now a qi condensation realm warrior. I have just been promoted to a small leader. It is still your sister who has climbed high!”

Climbing high?

What a fart!

Wen Qizi was very clear to Ma Yibin, selfish, mean, cruel, lewd. Liu’s widow’s belly next door to his house was made prominent by this boy. He also killed Liu’s widow!

Just pull a passer-by from the street. I’m afraid his character is a hundred times better than this Ma Yibin!

If you marry your sister to Ma Yibin, you might as well marry the widower Chen who sells sweet chestnuts at the door, even if he has two children!

Seeing that the criplle man didn’t speak, Ma Yibin sneered: “I said the cripple, don’t be shameless, you think I don’t know that you don’t have any foundation in the help? Do you know who I am hanging out with now? “

“Who?” Wen Qizi was really unpopular in gangs.

Firstly, because of his work, he usually didn’t have contact with outsiders; secondly, he was a cripple man and was discriminated against in the sect!

“Brother Biao, do you know?” Ma Yibin said in a cold tone, “Brother Biao is famous for his loyalty! I said Wen Qizi, don’t be shameless. Believe it or not, I will directly fuck your sister! “

Wen Qizi clutched the writing brush tightly and almost broke the pen.

He knew that Ma Yibin really dared to do so!

If you do this, you will not be punished. As long as Ma Yibin says that he really likes his sister when the time comes, it was estimated that some people in the sect would come forward to mediate … The result was self-evident!

“Wen Qizi, will your sister marry me or not? Today, you should say something clearly to me!” Ma Yibin asked, “If you say you won’t marry, I will go out now!”

Going out now doesn’t mean giving up your thoughts!

If Ma Yibin gets angry, what will this beast do?

Seeing his cruel face, Wen Qizi knew he must hold Ma Yibin first!

“Aren’t you here to take the sword? Take the sword first!”

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