I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 12 The Master of the Long Sword

Chen Hao waited for three days in the armory of Iron Wolf Sect. Finally, someone came to get a top weapon. As a result, this guy was too shallow and had no vision, so he chose the brand-new sword.

It was not until the fifth day that Chen Hao was taken away by a small leader called Di Zeyan

“Ding ~ Do you want to bound to the fourth sword master Di Zeyan?”


Di Zeyan was a boring guy and had never thought of what name to give to Chen Hao.

Perhaps in his eyes, the sword was just a weapon.

Soon, Chen Hao got bored with this guy.

Di Zeyan was good at flattery and was responsible for the tramp street of Iron Wolf Sect!

Yes, that’s the street where Brother Hu took Zhang Er and Qin Feng.

This guy was so happy that he stayed in that street every day. He could be called the evil spirit in color.

In the next five days, Chen Hao never saw him go out, and even didn’t practice … either on a women’s bed or on the wine table.

The long sword incarnation of Chen Hao has never been out of its scabbard!

Chen Hao was very suspicious, and he will become a “good sword” sooner or later if he follows this Di Zeyan mess!

Chen Hao was also open-minded. Since I am not satisfied with the swordmaster, change it!

It was not the first time he had encountered this kind of situation, and he was familiar with it.

So in the early hours of the eleventh day, he launched the bad luck outbreak skill.

Iron wolf Sect, weaponry, Wen Qizi saw the sword with the bloody pattern again.

Wen Qizi was deeply impressed by this sword. There were few top-level weapons, even fewer with patterns.

He took out his account book and asked casually, “The owner of this sword is Di Zeyan. What happened to him?”

“Being killed!” It was Di Zeyan’s subordinates who sent the sword this time. Listening to his tone, he was a little gloating.

Wen Qizi thought that he should be easy to talk to, he asked, “How was he killed? Is it by the hand of the Black Tiger Sect?”

“If the Black Tiger Sect really kills it, it is a man’s death!”

“Then how did he die?”

“That guy hooked up with a woman who cheated on him. He went up to cheat on her last night. He was unlucky and was hit by the woman’s husband …”

Wen Qizi slowly raised his head, his face full of curiosity.

He usually stayed in the armory, rarely had contact with outsiders, and lived like a pool of stagnant water. He occasionally heard this kind of gossip involving cheating and stealing, and he was very interested.

When the sect member heard the curious face of Wen Qizi, and immediately became interested, “You don’t know, Di Zeyan is also unlucky. The mercenary told his wife that he was going out for an escort mission yesterday, and he won’t be back for at least half a month. He didn’t expect the mission to fail at the beginning. The mercenary couldn’t help it, so he came back. The result is estimated to be that he saw Di Zeyan in bed with his wife ..”

“The mercenary killed Di Zeyan?”

“Of course, otherwise, how could I send the sword!” “The mercenary was a man,” he said with great delight. “In a rage, he not only killed Di Zeyan but also killed his wife!”

“You don’t know, Di Zeyan’s death is a tragedy. not only was the body chopped to pieces, but also his little guy is cut off!”

“Little guy?”

Winking at the crowd, he said, “Little brother below!”

“Er …” Wen Qizi had a chill, he nodded quickly. “It’s a bit miserable!”

“A group of us looked everywhere and didn’t find it. Maybe it was eaten by a wild dog.”

“What about the mercenary?”

“He escaped. Our people are looking for him!” The sect member said, “But it is estimated that the murderer can’t be found!”

“Why? Is it not difficult for our Iron Wolf Sect to find someone in the city? “

“If the mercenary in the city, of course, we can find him, but when we found that Di Zeyan was killed, he had died for three days, and the two bodies were thrown on the bed naked, all stinking! Such a long time was enough for the mercenary to run away!”

The sect member shook his head and said, “It’s almost impossible to find that mercenary.”

Iron wolf Sect’s power is limited to Tieshi City. It’s impossible to go to other cities to search for the murderous mercenary!

Wen Qizi picked up the sword, slowly pulled out the scabbard, and shook his head slowly.

I’m afraid that guy DiZeYan didn’t maintain the sword after he brought it back!

He helplessly smiled, beginning to maintain the sword.

To tell the truth, Chen Hao appreciated Wen Qizi. At least that man was good at maintaining swords!

He also wanted to recognize Wen Qizi as the swordmaster, but the system disagrees, and only those who really get the right to use the sword could act as the swordmaster of Chen Hao.

Wen Qizi didn’t meet the requirements.

He was just a keeper of the Iron Wolf’s Armory.

At that time, Chen Hao suddenly found he was turning back more and more. Except for the first sword master Jin Zhengqiu, all the other three swordmasters were wooden sticks!

Chen Hao was put on the weapon rack again. There was only one weapon on the weapon rack; that was the whip.

That afternoon, he was taken away again!

“Ding ~ Do you want to bound to the fifth sword master Wu Su?”


Wu Su was a newly promoted leader of the Iron Wolf Sect, and his strength was in the middle of the cyclone realm.

This guy was Chen Hu’s successor, whose business scope was the same as that of Chen Hu before, that was, collecting protection money. Perhaps it was because he had just become a small leader since childhood, and this person was more arrogant than Chen Hu. On his first day in charge, he killed a beggar with his bare hands!

The point was not to kill a beggar but to fight with his bare hands.

On the first day, Chen Hao discovered that Wu Su was best at fist and boxing martial arts and that he practiced most of them every day

He practiced swordsmanship occasionally. The swordsmanship was terribly bad, and Chen Hao couldn’t stand it at all!

Since he was good at fist fighting, why did you bring me out of the armory?

Use him as a decoration?

Ok, Chen Hao was utterly offended by Wu Su!

Change the swordmaster!

I must change the swordmaster!

Soon after, in the Iron Wolf Gang Armory, Wen Qizi saw the long scarlet sword again, but now the crack on the long sword was gone.

He turned out the account book and looked at the records more than ten days ago. He asked, “Does Wu Su own this sword? What happened to him? “

“How else? Someone killed him! ” The helper who sent the sword said with a depressed face.

“Black Tiger Sect, did it?”

“No! When he collected the protection fee, he took a handful of Sugar-Coated Berry. The smelly old man who sold Sugar-Coated Berry seemed to say a word, which made Brother Wu Su unhappy. He kicked the old man away with one foot … “

“Then what?”

The sect member sighed and said, “Then suddenly a fierce teenager emerged, saying that he was the grandson of the smelly old man, and he killed Brother Wu.”

“Did our people catch him?”

In such a situation, the Iron Wolf Sect must retaliate and stand up!

Sect forces couldn’t be weak, or everyone will step on it!

“He didn’t run at all!”


“He is an inner disciple of the Guiling Sect!”

“A disciple of the Guiling Sect?” Wen Qizi felt that the matter was too big.

Wen Qizi knew that the Guiling Sect was one of the most potent powers in Baisha County, with tens of thousands of disciples and numerous masters, it was a real monster with its influence all over Baisha County.

The strongest family in Iron Stone City was the Liu family. The ancestors of the Liu family used to be the inner disciples of the Guiling Sect. Later, he returned to Iron Stone City and established the Liu family in Iron Stone City because of his age and hopeless breakthrough.

Wen Qizi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “What happened?”

“The leader personally came forward and asked the Liu ancestors to come out as peacemakers, apologize, and send the boy away!” The sect member whispered, “After I heard that the boy was sent away, the sect leader’s face turned black!”

Wen Qizi nodded.

He guessed it and estimated that the help paid at a high price.

Recently, the Iron Wolf Sect and the Black Tiger Sect fought fiercely, and both sides paid a hefty price. It was challenging to make other enemies, and the other side was still an inner disciple of the Guiling Sect.

Maybe if the other’s strength was not strong, and the big leader could handle it, but if the other party was strong or had a backer, how to solve it?

Wen Qizi started to register. He received a longsword, which was four feet two inches long and one and a half inches wide, and had a red pattern of blood drops. The crack had been repaired by Su Wu, the top weapon, and the former owner Wu Su.

Wen Qizi guessed, Wu Su must repair the crack of the sword.

In just one month, this sword had been changed to three masters, two of whom died unexpectedly and wrongly. When he heard it, he felt that this sword was mighty!

Of course, he just thought about it, and he didn’t feel at ease.

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