I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 11 Creating Records

Unfortunately, it was still too late!

One sword sealed the throat

Zhang Er clutched his neck and bloodshot out from his fingers. His face was incredulous.

He had no idea that Bai Jun, who had just knelt down and kowtowed to them, would rob his sword and dare to attack them.

Because he didn’t expect it, he was utterly unprepared. He had been used to bullying ordinary people for two months, and he subconsciously regarded Bai Jun as an ordinary person.

In fact, Bai Jun was a warrior, a qi condensation realm warrior, a level gap higher than him.

With mental arithmetic and unintentional, he can’t escape at all!

“Ding ~ Congratulations to the host for killing the swordmaster for the second time!”

The system voice sounded, and Chen Hao ignored it. He was watching the excitement now.

“Ding~Do you want to bind with the third sword master Bai Jun?”


It goes without saying that Chen Hao, who hadn’t seen blood for a long time, was already hungry and thirsty.

He wished Bai Jun could kill a few more people.

Qin Feng stood beside Zhang Er, witnessing the scene of Zhang Er being killed, and he couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Draw your sword, idiot!”

Brother Hu shouted.

He was a few meters away from Zhang Er and Qin Feng, and he couldn’t help out immediately.

“Wind flash!”

Bai Jun gritted his teeth and shouted.

The infuriating white energy enveloped the sword’s body, the long sword flicked across, and Qin Feng’s head flew high.

“Damn it!” Brother Hu roared and rushed up.

He could not be angry. Qin Feng died. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t that no sect members were dying on the streets.

But Zhang Er’s death was very troublesome. After all, Zhang Dequan asked him to take care of him.

Seeing Brother Hu’s aggressive rush, Bai Jun blocked a move slightly and directly broke through the house’s window, followed by Brother Hu.

Brother Hu gnashed his teeth and said, “Bai Jun, today I’m going to smash you into ten thousand pieces!”

Bai Jun shouted hysterically: “I don’t want to go to the ring. You forced me. You forced me!”

His eyes were full of despair and fear.

Bai Jun was born well and had a good talent for martial arts. When his father was alive, he had high hopes for him, hoping that he could concentrate on martial arts and at least become a master.

However, his perseverance was not good, and he was afraid of hardship. When his father died, he completely indulged himself, and the road to martial arts was abandoned halfway.

Bai Jun and Brother Hu were both practitioners in the mid-stage of qi condensation realm, and the two fight against each other with no more than a few tricks, and Bai Jun appeared defeated

Bai Jun’s martial arts had long been ruined, coupled with his addiction to gambling, long-term alcoholism, and malnutrition.

If Brother Hu was an evil wolf, Bai Jun was a sheep.

Chen Hao was anxious when he saw it. He didn’t want Bai Jun to lose.

Although Bai Jun was not a thing, he was not like a sect warrior like Brother Hu.

A big drama has been constructed in his mind. Bai Jun, who was desperate, rose up to resist, killed the three brothers, and then was chased by the Iron Wolf Sect, and then he continued to grow stronger by himself. The last one to destroy the Iron Wolf Sect. Leave your own legend in Iron Stone City!

What an interesting, inspiring, and incredible story!

He was Chen Hao’s swordmaster. You should have a wonderful life … even if this life were short.

What to do?

Chen Hao suddenly remembered the killing master’s inheritance, which was the only help he could give to the swordmaster now.

He could see that Brother Hu and Bai Jun used yellow level martial arts. If he could teach Bai Jun the black level inferior martial arts belong to Jin Zhengqiu, Bai Jun might be able to turn the table.

“Inherit the black-level inferior martial arts” High Wind Sword (accomplished)!”

“In the process of inheritance, please wait …”

Just then, Bai Jun suddenly felt a strange message enter his mind as if he had never seen it before, and it was called “High Wind Sword Tactics.”

The information was very comprehensive. It seemed that as long as he fully absorbed this information, he could fully master this profound and powerful martial art.

As long as he could master it, he was likely to kill Brother Hu and escape with his life!

When Bai Jun was excited, his arm hurt, and when he came back to his sense, his right hand had been cut off by Brother Hu’s sword.

Brother Hu coldly said: “Dare to be distracted when you fight with me. It is simply looking for death!”

Chen Hao fell to the ground. He was speechless … Bai Jun was distracted at a critical moment!

He certainly won’t admit that it was caused by his untimely transmission of martial arts inheritance.

All mistakes were Bai Jun’s, and he was right.

Bai Jun couldn’t support the wall with mud!

Yes, that was it!

Then, Chen Hao saw with his own eyes how Bai Jun, who was crying and begging for mercy on his knees, was brutally tortured and killed by the furious Brother Hu.

“Ding ~ the host succeeded in killing the master for the third time!”

Bai Jun was the fastest Chen Hao’s swordmaster killed. After taking the sword, he did not live for three minutes.

Hmmm … it could also be regarded as creating a record. I wonder if the later sword master could surpass it.

After Bai Jun’s death, Brother Hu chopped off the corpse more than a dozen times, and finally picked up Bai Jun’s long sword with a gloomy expression. After all, it was Zhang Er’s relic.

Brother Hu met Zhang Dequan, told Zhang Er’s death, and gave him the sword.

Zhang Dequan looked at the sword for a long time without talking, and Chen Hu knelt on the ground and did not dare to move.

“As a warrior, life and death is fate. It is his bad luck!” Zhang Dequan looked at Chen Hu and said slowly, “But you went out with two new people to perform simple tasks, but you failed to protect them. Do you accept the punishment?”

Chen Hu gritted his teeth and said, “I know!”

“Recently, we fought with the Black Tiger sect. Go and redeem yourself!”

“Thank you, brother!”

Iron Wolf Sect’s Armory.

An iron wolf sect entered the armory, took out a long sword, and threw it on the small table, “Wen Qizi, this is the weapon that the whole brother ordered to put in, please register it!”

The warehouse’s iron gate was opened with a creak, and a pale young man in a simple gown limped out.

He took a careful look at the long sword, and the young man named Wen Qizi quickly took an account book for registration. He received the long sword, which was four feet two inches long and one and a half inches wide, with a tiny crack, red blood-dripping pattern, and top-grade weapon.

After registration, the sect member signed it incredibly.

No matter what clan, family, or sect, the library pavilion, dan medicine storeroom, weaponry, and armory are essential places, and people waiting for idlers couldn’t enter. Besides strict guarding, there was also a stringent system.

The Iron wolf sect was no exception!

Every weapon was numbered, and it must be strictly registered when it was sent in or taken away.

Only the wrong name was used, and there was no incorrect nickname.

Wen Qizi, the name of the disabled person. He had been guarding the armory for five years in the Iron Wolf Sect, and his real name had almost been forgotten.

He has no backers or relatives in the sect, and he was recognized as a steward by his diligent working attitude.

But because he had a disability, most people didn’t think highly of him.

Wen Qizi returned to the warehouse, locked the iron gate. Three weapon racks were placed on the warehouse’s three walls. All kinds of weapons were placed neatly on the weapon racks according to categories and grades.

The vast majority were ordinary swords.

He was not qualified to touch a profound weapon level.

Sitting in a chair, pulling out a sword, and Wen Qizi studied it carefully.

The sword style was typical, and it was the most common style on the market. The only thing that made it stand out was the blood drop pattern. There was still red blood in the crack. If you had seen blood, I’m afraid something had happened to its former owner.

Who was the former master of the sword? It was unclear to him, and he was not interested to know.

But it was probably not from the Iron Wolf Sect. After all, this long sword had not been registered before.

He gently wiped the dust and residual blood on the sword with deerskin and then smeared the sword body evenly with a cotton cloth and a little wiping oil.

Three minutes later, the original cotton cloth was wiped hard back and forth, lasting about two-quarters of an hour. After watching the shiny blade almost shine on his face, he nodded satisfactorily and put the sword on the shelf where the top-class weapons were placed.

There were only five top weapons on the shelf, two swords, a knife, a dagger, and a soft whip.

Recently, the Iron Wolf Sect and the Black Tiger Sect had been fighting very hard, and most of the top-class weapons had been taken away.

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