I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 10 Door-to-Door Debt Collection

On the second day of the door-to-door debt collection, Zhang Er slept three rods before hurrying to get up.

When he walked to the door, he and Qin Feng smiled at each other, showing the expression that only men understood, and everyone’s feelings were one step closer.

“How was yesterday?” Brother Hu walked over and asked.

“Hey!” Zhang Er touched his head and was a little embarrassed.

Anyway, he was delighted.

“This is your red envelope!” The old woman smiled and handed two red envelopes. “Welcome to the two young men here to come often.”

The old woman was just polite. If the two men come here often, how could she do business?

Neither Zhang Er nor Qin Feng went to pick it up, but Brother Hu understood very well and stuffed two red envelopes into their hands, “This is the rule, you all take it!”

When visiting the kiln, people also paid off money, and Chen Hao looked scornful and envious.

Who let him still be a sword, without that function.

His resentment deepened!

“Bad luck broke out!”

Chen Hao silently opened this skill.

He used to have expectations for Zhang Er, but now he had nothing.

Half a month ago, Zhang Er stopped encouraging himself. Now he began to indulge in pleasure and take pleasure in bullying the weak. What’s the use of a swordmaster with no ambition and mediocre talent?

Walking out of the alley, Zhang Er whispered, “It seems that we are late for the morning practice today!”

Brother Hu smiled and said, “It is okay. I applied for a task yesterday. We will do the task this morning.”

“Brother Hu, what is the task?”

“Of course, it is a debt collection!”

As the most prominent Sect in Iron Stone City, the Iron Wolf Sect had contact with the three families and helped them do some shady business deals and ran some other businesses at ordinary times.

For example, opening a gambling house and lending treasury.

Today’s task was to collect debts from a bad gambler’s house.

Follow Brother Hu through several alleys and enter the slums. The passages were getting narrower and narrower, the garbage piled up by the roadside was getting more and more ugly, and the sewage was everywhere.

Zhang Er covered his nose in disgust and looked at the filthy and yellow-faced poor people around him with contempt.

Those poor people also wisely stay away from them. After all, the three men were burly and armed, making them difficult to handle at first glance.

“Brother Hu, are you there yet?”

“Soon, soon, just ahead!”

Soon they arrived at their destination, and then Brother Hu kicked the dilapidated door unceremoniously.

“Bai Jun, come out for me!”

In addition to a shabby table and three wooden stools, there was almost no other decoration in the room, which could be seen at a glance.

A woman in her thirties was holding a little girl and looked at Brother Hu in horror.

The woman in her thirties looked good. She should have been a beautiful woman when she was young, but her face was blue, there were bruises from being beaten and a tattered robe. No one was interested in her.

Brother Hu asked, “Are you Bai Jun’s wife?”

“He is at home. What can I do for you?”

Zhang Er shouted, “Iron Wolf Sect, come to collect debts!”

Brother Hu taught them that when they say a Sect’s name, their voices must be loud and imposing!

The woman couldn’t help shivering when she heard the three words Iron Wolf Sect.

Zhang Er was satisfied with the woman’s reaction.

At this moment, a tall, thin man staggered out of the inner room.

The three people smelled a pungent smell of alcohol, and the tall and thin man seemed to have not woken up yet.

Presumably, this was Bai Jun.

Brother Hu stood up and said, “Bai Jun, Brother Biao sent me to collect debts. A total of one hundred gold coins must be settled today.”

“One hundred gold coins?” Bai Jun woke up entirely from the wine. He bent over and said, “Brother Hu, can you give me a few days? If I borrow some more money, I can win all the money back. “

Can you win back? That’s strange.

Zhang Er said in his heart.

“I have given you three months!” Brother Hu said with a cold face, “You have been borrowing money for three months and never paid it back. Brother Biao said that you must pay back the accounts you owe today.”

Bai Jun, Brother Hu knew his information very well.

Bai Jun’s father used to run three shops in Tieshi City. Later, after Bai Jun’s father died, Bai Jun inherited his father’s legacy, taken over by the iron wolf Sect. He became addicted to gambling, lost all his fortune, and moved into the slum.

Brother Biao told him that everything Bai Jun could sell was sold out, and there was no use-value anymore.

“Please, Brother Hu, can you put in a good word with Brother Biao? Within a few days, I’m sure I can get the money together.”

Brother Hu smiled disdainfully. He didn’t believe this lousy gambler.

“You have money to drink, so can you give this month’s interest?”

Bai Jun just kowtowed on his knees.

Brother Hu turned his eyes to Bai Jun’s wife and daughter and smiled, “Or, you use your wife and daughter to offset the interest this month?”

When he entered the door, he found that Bai Jun’s daughter was a little beautiful and might be sold for a fair price.

“Uh …” Bai Jun looked up at his wife and daughter and hesitated.

Bai Jun’s wife looks numb, just holding her daughter tightly.

“Why, you can’t bear it?” Brother Hu smiled and said, “You have to think about it!”

Zhang Er and Qin Feng slowly pulled out their swords.

“People who owe us Iron Wolf money for help have never refused to pay it back!”

Bai Jun lowered his head and trembled all over. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, but can you lend me another gold coin?”

“Xu Yue, You can go with Brother Hu and the others. I will earn money to redeem you!”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely win money, I will definitely win, and I will definitely redeem you!”

His words were more like talking to himself.

The woman’s eyes were full of despair, and then she held her daughter back slowly and retreated into the inner room.

“Well, a gold coin, of course.” Tiger Brother smiled and said to Zhang Er and Qin Feng, “You two, go and take them back.”

“OK, Brother Hu.”

Zhang Er and Qin Feng entered the inner room, and Bai Jun’s wife and daughter were lying on the bed, with bubbles hanging from their corners of the mouth and not moving.

On the bed, there was also a broken kettle that was dumped.

Qin Feng touched the mother and daughter’s neck, but there was no pulse.

He shook his head.

“Brother Hu, when we went in, they all died and committed suicide.”

Zhang Er said surly.

“What a fucking bad luck!” Tiger Brother kicked Fei Baijun and said viciously, “Take him and let him go to the ring, and use it as waste!”

“Impossible, impossible, you must be lying to me!” Bai Jun ran into the inner room behind Zhang Er and Qin Feng.

Three people entered the inner room, and they were seeing a desperate Bai Jun kneeling on the bed.

Tiger Brother waved and said, “Take him away!”

Zhang Er’s hand met Bai Jun, and he suddenly raised his head.

When Zhang Er saw his eyes, they were full of despair and madness!

His hand grabbed Zhang Er’s sword like lightning, and Zhang Er didn’t pay attention at all.

“Zhang Er! Watch out!” Brother Hu shouted.

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