I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 1 Casting Swords Using Human

When Chen Hao was thrown into the furnace, his heart was full of unwillingness. He hastily reviewed his short and monotonous life and the cruel swordsmith who deceived him!

He was a world traveler!

The only traveler in this world!

He opened the legendary gold finger system!

I didn’t expect to come to this world just now and haven’t become the best player in the world. I haven’t had time to achieve outstanding achievements, and I haven’t had time to build a large harem. I was tricked into the sword casting house by a seemingly honest and kind uncle who is a swordsmith and threw me into the sword casting furnace.

Just now, the seemingly kind but sinister swordsmith told Chen Hao that he was buried in Iron Stone City and had been studying sword casting skills for more than 20 years. Six months ago, he reached the peak of sword casting, and he turned to research spirit casting and wanted to be a true master of sword casting.

He accidentally obtained a secret book of casting spiritual items, which recorded a bloody, effective, simple, and practical secret technique of casting spiritual items-casting swords using humans.

To put it simply, it was to mix the secret solid spirit liquid in the hot molten iron, and then a living person was pushed into the molten iron. The secret solid spirit liquid absorbs the human’s soul and blends his soul into the weapon, making the weapon produce the “spirit.”

This morning, he felt a breakthrough. At that time, he was a little itchy to try for a while. When he met Chen Hao as a beggar by accident, his heart’s urgency became more vigorous, like a cat scratch.

He lured Chen Hao with two steamed buns as bait.

Yes, as a traveler, Chen Hao was deceived by two steamed buns!

When he saw it through, he was about to be pushed into the molten iron, and the heat was getting stronger and stronger. Chen Hao suddenly remembered a sentence: ‘I will get eternal life in the fire and blood!’

The burly swordsmith pushed Chen Hao down, stared at him, fell into the hot iron furnace with burning eyes, and he growled with open arms, “I will become a true master of swordsmith, you will become my first creation, and the true swordsman will be proud of using you!”

“I curse you not to die of natural death. Even if I really become a sword, I will definitely be a magic sword. Whoever uses it will die!” Chen Hao wailed sorrowfully before he died.

However, the swordsmith didn’t care about Chen Hao’s dying curse.

In the sword casting furnace, the black flame rose instantly and soon disappeared, followed by Chen Hao’s body.

With excitement, the swordsmith poured molten iron into the sword fan, and after cooling down, the sword embryo was obtained. The sword casting room rang with rhythmic sounds of striking the iron.

The swordsmith put the red-hot iron sword in his hand into the cold water drawn from the snowy Yunshan Mountain until late at night.

After the water vapor dissipates, the swordsmith couldn’t wait to see the real face of the spirit weapon.

But after he glanced at it, his face sank.

The swarthy iron sword was unremarkable, no different from the iron sword cast by his apprentice.

There was a red dot on the sword, just like a drop of solidified blood if you look closely.

The swordsmith wiped it repeatedly with a sweat towel, but it couldn’t be wiped off!

He tried to cut its blade front. Perhaps it was the legendary treasure.

With uneasy feelings, the middle-aged swordsmith quickly opened the iron sword with a knife, without encountering any resistance.

Staring at the sword, the middle-aged swordsmith breathed a long sigh; he failed.

When casting this sword, he was very dedicated and earnest and kept improving every working procedure. He used precious materials such as Qingyun Iron and Threaded Copper. In addition, he also mixed a handful of extremely precious meteorite.

But he made a tremendous low-level mistake!

When melting, the temperature was too low.

If he were casting an ordinary sword, he would not have any problems controlling the temperature, but now he was casting a sword using a living human.

If a man casts a sword, there was one more man in the furnace, and the temperature would definitely be different.

Every step of the sword casting process was interlocking; just because there was a problem in one link, even if he used extremely precious materials, the sword was useless!

He took the long sword and came to the weapon rack. There were more than ten long swords on it, all of which were works of his apprentices.

Picked up a handful of low-level sword and cut them on the blade of a sword with blood drops without hesitation. The edge of the low-level sword broke a hole.

It would be strange with so many precious materials if you couldn’t cut down a handful of low-grade weapons!

The middle-aged swordsmith picked up a middle-level mortal sword and cut it hard against the blood-dropped long sword. There was a small crack in the middle-level sword, but the blood drop sword broke a hole!

That was to say, he cast a sword of choose and employ persons, spent a lot of precious materials, and cast a sword at the lowest level!

It was a failure for the swordsmith.

The middle-aged sword smith’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

At this moment, a small noise suddenly came from the window, as if it was the sound of crushing dry leaves.

The middle-aged swordsmith was also a cultivator, with good ears and clear eyes, and the slight noise was very obvious in the quiet night.


Then there was a burst of scattered hurried footsteps.

The middle-aged swordsmith rushed out of the sword, casting room with the blood, dropped the sword, and made full use of his posture. After only two breaths, he caught up with the culprit.

It was a new apprentice who came from Jianlu.

This little apprentice was intelligent and diligent at ordinary times; his casting swords’ talent was somewhat ordinary.

The swordsmith was holding a sword blocked the little apprentice’s way, and his legs were all soft with fear.

“Did you see it?”

“No, I didn’t see anything!” The little apprentice cried, “Jin Shifu, please leave me alone. I really didn’t see anything!”

Jin Zhengqiu didn’t talk much, and his sword was red with blood. The little apprentice probably wanted to steal the teacher, but he chose the wrong day. If there was no such thing as Chen Hao, he might be lenient.

He carried a sword in one hand and lifted the little apprentice’s body to cast Jian Lu in the other.

The blood-stained on the sword slowly immersed into the sword, just like being absorbed by the sword.

Within the sword, Chen Hao’s soul was in a blur.

The mechanical system prompt sounds: “Ding ~ the system detects that the host identity has changed.”

“According to the identity and willingness of the host, the’ strongest human system’ is automatically changed to the’ strongest sword system.'”

“The strongest sword system is turn on; please wait a moment …”

“Detected the ambiguity of the host consciousness and automatically bound the swordmaster – Jin Zhengqiu.”

Sword Name: None

Grade: Low-grade weapon

The first sword master: Jin Zhengqiu

Talent: Killing the Master


1. Doom (turned on): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the fate value of 10 can be called the favorite son of the heaven luck);

2. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul.

“Ding ~ absorbs enough blood and soul, and the host can evolve.”

“It was detected that the host consciousness was blurred, the sword body was damaged, the system protection function is turned on, and the host is automatically upgraded.”

“Ding ~ After the upgrade is completed, the host is upgraded to a medium-level weapon and gets a talent-automatic repair.”

“The sword blade was being repaired …”

When Jin Zhengqiu dealt with the little apprentice’s body and looked at the failed work in his hand, his whole person froze.

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