Patreon Chapters

You can read more chapters of All My Disciples Bear The Mark of Greatness on Patreon up to 50 chapters for now. I will post at least 5 chapters per week, however, since I am on Eid Al Fitr holiday there will be no post until 16 April, please be understand, and I also would […]

It Turns Out I am The Dao Ancestor

It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 64 – One Move to Destroy the Corpse Puppet

Luo Liuyan watched Chai Yuanchu attack. Her expression never changed. She stood there calmly without, unmoved. “Hum …” Chai Yuanchu’s paw pierced the air directly. With a harsh roar, he grabbed Luo Liuyan’s shoulder instantly. “Haha, die for me!” Chai Yuanchu showed a touch of complacency and squeezed hard with his right hand.  As someone

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